In the light of releasing their single, “Fall Around,” East-London, post-punk rockers False Heads have put together a playlist of the songs that helped shape and influence the sound of their new track. The first taste of their imminent debut album, this is the start of something huge from the trio, who have previously been championed by Rodney Bingenheimer and Iggy Pop and have shared the stage with Queens Of The Stone Age, The Libertines, David Byrne, and many more.

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1. Bottle Up and Explode by Elliott Smith – That is how the song actually came into being. I was just fucking around with the idea of a punky, aggressive Elliott Smith song, and I was just messing around playing ‘Bottle Up and Explode’ and stumbled across the main riff for ‘Fall Around’ by doing so.

2. American Idiot by Green Day – This is an odd one because overall, I find the genre of pop punk extremely irritating and vapid, but Green Day aren’t really that; they are good songwriters who sort of got slapped that genre on them. And “American Idiot” (the track and album) has this tight, chuggy sound with really good melodies and massive choruses, so I guess there’s elements of that in ‘Fall Around.’

3. Debaser by the Pixies – There’s an obvious loud/quiet thing going on, so no point pretending I wasn’t listening to a shit load of Pixies at the time, haha. They’re one of my favorite bands, and I wanted that calm verse and exploding chorus that the Pixies are so annoyingly fucking good at.

4. Slide Away by Oasis – I’ve always liked the description we had of Brit Rock or something some journo gave us once which was basically, like, a grunge version of Brit Pop, and I think fusing Oasis choruses and Nirvana-style instrumentals makes pretty powerful tunes. I was starting to get back into Oasis around the time I wrote this.

5. Animal Nitrate by Suede – I’m not entirely sure how Suede influenced the track, probably the jarring bits in the verses before it goes back to the Green Day chugs, but again, I was listening to a shitload of Suede at the time.

6. God Save The Queen by The Sex Pistols – England’s Dreaming somehow turned into something else … Haha, my favorite Sex Pistols track. The song just drips sarcasm and not giving a fuck, and I hate the royal family, so that makes it even better.

7. Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys – One of my favorite songs of all time. I really wanted the chorus to have a Beach Boys vibe to it, so Barney just did a load of different harmonies, and we picked the best ones out that give it that dueling harmony feel that the Beach Boys are masters at. 

8. The Bends by Radiohead – there’s quite a lot of Bends-era Radiohead on the album, but I think the guitar tones and chords seem to be a subconscious nod to our mutual love as a band toward Radiohead.

9. My God is The Sun by Queens of The Stone Age – the little open, E-minor riff at the beginning was stuck in my head for ages whilst I was writing Fall Around. It’s probably my favorite Queens song, and I always loved the way a Queens song can just explode into something out of nowhere, which I guess we tried to do at the end where it just moves down a semitone.

 10. Hateful by The Clash – Again really loved the melodic chorus and the dueling vocals. It’s like an anthemic chorus with a scatty verse that’s sort of all over the place, which I absolutely love.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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