“Hold My Beer, I’m Goin’ In” was the first song we ever wrote as Famous For A Day, and has become a staple of our performance. So we wanted the lyric video to do the song justice. The video perfectly complements the song’s energy level; from the constant zooming in and out to the energetic motion graphics. The intensity of the bridge fits especially well with the song’s aggression and grit. We hope this video enhances the song’s message. But above all, we hope you enjoy it!”

Famous For A Day is a local pop-punk duo in Kansas City, Missouri. This new group is the brainchild of Kevin Ploth and Nick Newcomer of Five To Midnight. Although a relatively new project, Kevin and Nick are no rookies to the music scene. They have been collaborating for years, having spent time together in a cover band back in their high school years, to forming their own bands, The B Team and Five To Midnight.

When Five To Midnight went on hiatus in 2016, Nick and Kevin got busy creating an acoustic project that would allow them to push their artistic abilities into a sound of their own. Famous for A Day is gaining momentum in the Metro area, already having performed at many venues throughout the city. In August 2016, they released their debut EP, The Pre-Sides. The EP was intended to be a prelude to their first full-length album, Epilogue, which was recently released in September. Both albums were inspired from the heart, harsh life lessons, loss, and a journey to find their place in the world. Famous For A Day’s music has a timeless quality to it, allowing their lyrics to float into the hearts of fans from all walks of life, with catchy melodies and riffs that stick with you. This is only the beginning for Famous For A Day; follow them on social media to stay updated on upcoming shows and new releases.

You can purchase Epilogue on iTunes here.

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