With Teenage Bottlerocket headlining the Fat Tour 2019, this isn’t a rocket, it’s a missile. A quest for fast food, occasional coffee breaks, bathroom stops and a van load of partying. It’s coming to town now.

Ray “Rocket” Carlisle is hooking up with Mean Jeans and Clowns for the first time, and his long time bestie Jen “Pop” Razavi. He explains the anticipation of Fat Tour, “I’m pretty sure most of the TBR fans have no idea who or what Clowns are but they are in for a crazy ass show. Those Australians really go nuts on stage and take it to the crowd, literally. Jen Pop is great too and TBR fans are going to eat it up. I also think that most of our fans know and love Mean Jeans. It’s going to be a stoker!” Ray continues, “I love their music and I’m looking forward to hanging out with them. Always cool to make new buddies.”

Coming in on rollerblades to party, Mean Jeans will be playing tunes from their latest release. Billy Jeans says, “We’re gonna be playing our favorites off Gigantic Sike, including “Party Line,” “Stuck In A Head,” “I Fell Into A Bog,” and more.”

If challenged to “Skate or Die” by Teenage Bottlerocket, Billy Jeans says, “Then they’re gonna win. But what if we challenge them to a corporate jingle competition? They will face crushing defeat.”

There might be rollerblades in the mosh pit or on drummer Jean Wilder’s hands, but they’re guaranteeing the debut of kazoo. Billy Jeans says, “No Bullshit.” 

After being all over the world Teenage Bottlerocket is home in  the States and welcoming new friends. Carlisle says, “Taco Bell, Taco Cabana, Rudy’s BBQ… America has the best food! For real though, we are pretty stoked no matter where we are, but we are extra stoked when Mexican food is involved.”

He’ll be sharing some of those food choices with Clowns coming in hot off a tour in Australia. The Melbourne band is looking forward to some American favorites. Stevie Williams says, “(I) cannot wait to sink my teeth into a Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme (extra supreme) and super stoked to play LA, Austin, and pretend like I’m a band playing Riot Fest and drink heaps of free piss and watch Bikini Kill despite the fact we’re just on the Riot Fest after party.”

After playing some solo shows with Stacey Dee and Jennie Cotterill from Bad Cop/Bad Cop earlier this year and shedding the jitters, Jen “Pop” Razavi is looking forward to this tour. She says, “I had a pretty big fear of playing acoustic up until earlier this year when Stacey and Jennie from Bad Cop/Bad Cop forced me to go on an acoustic tour with them. But by the time that was over, the fear was pretty much gone, and I’ve been addicted to it ever since. I write all of my songs on acoustic anyway, so I don’t know where that fear really came from in the first place.”

She’s excited to play Minneapolis, Green Bay, and end tour in Chicago for a few days. She adds, “I’m really doing this because I wanted to do something for myself. I love to travel, and I love playing music with my friends, so I’m looking at this as an opportunity to explore some places I’ve always wanted to explore. Ideally, I’d like to book some future shows in places I love or have always wanted to visit, and then stay in those places for a few days. You don’t get to do that with a full band.”

Razavi  is feeling the Stay Rad vibes of this tour. Her favorite new Teenage Bottlerocket tune right now, “Wild Hair (Across My Ass).”  She says, “I love how ‘across my ass’ isn’t even the correct saying and no fucks were given about that when Kody wrote those lyrics. Also, because I love the lyrics when he says, ‘I wanna do something awful before I shrivel up and die. I need some fun and adventure if you wanna know the reason why. I gotta wild hair across my ass.’ It’s kinda like me having a wild hair across my ass to do an acoustic tour!”

Well, that’s the Fat Tour. A need for fun and adventure has these bands out on the road together for the first time, it’s Fat bands never seen in America and Fat bands in places they’ve never seen.  They’re making friends, eating poorly and enjoying the road with the fans.

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