Wax Idols’ singer-songwriter, Hether Fortune, has experienced a tumultuous few years since her last release. She supported the 2013 album as best she could, spent some time in 2014 as a touring player in White Lung, went through a heartbreaking divorce, and then sat down to make American Tragic – the band’s long-awaited third album and first for Collect Records. Then, just weeks before the LPs release, another media shit storm.

To say that American Tragic is simply a break-up album is to sell short an idea that Fortune has been playing with over the entire arc of Wax Idols’ discography, and that is the notion that personhood is neither fixed nor consistent: We can be independent and attached, in need of discipline and desire, or even fully autonomous with a little bit of help. As Fortune points out here, even America, for all its symbolism and mythic value, also rests in tragedy. This is not only a deeply personal record, but a chiefly independent one: As a songwriter and true multi-instrumentalist, Fortune wrote and recorded everything but the drums on American Tragic — a feat only bolstered by the album’s compelling performances and meticulous execution, but a little known fact nonetheless. Co-produced by Fortune and Monte Vallier, it is simply killer.

We caught up with Fortune to discuss some other things that were killer for her this year.

Them Are Us Too, Remain (Dais Records)

That Justin Bieber video for “Sorry” with all the girls dancing.

Tropic Of Cancer, Stop Suffering (Blackest Ever Black)

Tamaryn, Cranekiss (Mexican Summer)

Cities Aviv, Your Discretion Is Trust (Collect Records)

The faces Prince made on award shows

Azar Swan, in general.

Touring with Geoff Rickly (No Devotion).

Every time I saw King Woman live.

VOWWS, The Great Sun (Cleopatra Records)


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