Although Oh Condor’s musical roots can be traced to ’90s indie rock, their production is a little too slick for lo-fi, too ambitious for slacker rock, and too fun for shoegazing.  Their output spotlights a scrappy and ambitious Dayton, Ohio-based quartet capable of and committed to chasing down moments of pop and rock brilliance and setting them to tape. None of this is tremendously surprising considering the strength of the band’s formidable back catalog of self-released albums and EPs.

Shane Weber, vocalist, guitarist

Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp A Butterfly

This album kind of falls apart a little and lacks cohesion, yet I still listen to at least five tracks from it on a regular basis. It’s far from a conventional hip hop album, with full on instrumentation and actual singing from Kendrick. Another reason while he’s the best rapper in the game right now.

Blur, The Magic Whip

I was worried about this being bad, their last album, Think Tank, was awful. Thankful it’s not! Refreshingly new yet still a lot of the Blur that I believe most fans would love.

Mac Demarco, The Way You’d Love Her

I can see a lot of people not liking anything about Mac Demarco’s music. A lot of people are often wrong.

Beach Baby, Limousine EP

Post-punk-jangle-awesome. The Virgins meets Men At Work. I hope the rest of their stuff is as good as this EP.

Cheatahs, Mythologies

This speaks to my heart. Truly.

Ringo Deathstarr, Pure Mood


The Good Life, Everybody’s Coming Down

I thought I swore off Tim Kasher a long time ago, yet this one brought me back.

Wilco, Star Wars

Its Wilco, it’s great. If you never liked Wilco and find them boring this album will not change that.

Sufjan Stevens, Carrie & Lowell

For some reason I stopped listening to Sufjan Stevens. This album is great, I think now I need to go back and listen all the stuff I missed!

Kurt Vile, b’lieve i’m goin down

This album might as well be called “Pretty Pimpin,” because that’s the only song I really listen to. The rest of it is pretty OK too.

Earl Sweatshirt, I don’t like shit, I don’t go outside

Seems obligatory to include this record on the list if Kendrick Lamar is at the top. Can’t listen to it around the kids. Key tracks: “DNA,” “Greif, “ “Wool”

Tim Krug, guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist

Cheatahs, Mythologies

Health, Death Magic

The Helio Sequence, The Helio Sequence

Meat Wave, Delusion Moon

Motel Beds, Mind Glitter

Neon Indian, Vega Intl. Night School

Pope, Fiction

Ringo Deathstarr, Pure Mood

Soft Moon, Deeper

Swervedriver, I Wasn’t Born to Lose You

Braid, Kids Get Grids

The Lees of Memory, Soft Places b/w Within a Dream II

Moira, Asleep/Repeat/Awake

Weak Nerves, Posteverything

Yvette, Time Management


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