Interview with bassist Chris Del Rio
By Brandon Ringo

In 2011, when word spread about Implants, a band featuring members of Strung Out, Pulley, Ten Foot Pole and the Tank, the entire punk community began to salivate. After they made their live debut, they began playing a lot of huge shows to sold out crowds. After two years of waiting, they are finally ready to unleash their debut album and their fans couldn’t be any happier. I recently had the chance to catch up with bassist Chris Del Rio, also of Ten Foot Pole. He discussed how the band came about, their songwriting process and where they’re going from here. From Order to Chaos comes out now on Cyber Tracks Records.

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How did the idea initially come about to form Implants and specifically how did each member come to join the band?

Well, the idea stemmed from Jim Blowers and myself. We were jamming together in a side project that didn’t quite work out. The chemistry wasn’t there. So we decided to take another stab at it and form another project with the right guys. We already had songs that Jim wrote for Pulley that never saw the light of day, and I had a few songs that were locked up in my vault of song ideas. Jim and Rob were good friends and I was friends with Ken Conte. We showed them our songs, and instantly they jumped on board. It was rather easy and quick. Right after that, we asked Chris Dalley to drum. The timing seem to work perfect since all our band members were looking to start a side project of their own around that same time. The chemistry was perfect and the rest is history.

Implants formed in 2011, but your debut album is finally seeing the light of day this year. What factors led to the gap between the band forming and the album’s release?

We are all in other bands and that put a time restraint on the recording process. Quite often Rob and Dalley were touring and that led us to record around their schedules. It took around a year to complete that process. Once the album was recorded, we had Ryan Greene do the final mix. The next step was finding the right label to master and release the album. After searching, we met with our friends Jen and Aaron (El Hefe/NOFX) at Cyber Tracks Records and finalized a record deal. Now that everything is complete, we now have the album set for release on May 7th. It was a lengthy process, but we wanted to make sure that everything was done the proper way. The last thing we want is to release a bad album.

Implants - From Chaos To Order artwork

When you were working on the songs for From Chaos to Order, was there a particular sound or style that you were going for?

Yes there was. All of us missed hearing new bands play that 90’s Melodic Hardcore Punk style. There are a lot of new bands attempting to play that style these days, but they tend to put their own modern spin on it. It just doesn’t have that exact feel that we want to hear. So evidently that’s the style we went for. I’m also heavily influenced by 80’s Alternative, so I incorporated that influence into some of our songs during the writing process. You will hear that in the 3 slower songs that we have. All the others songs are either aggressive, poppy or both. We tried to write a well-rounded album that we would want to hear ourselves. So far we’ve received great feedback and it’s quite humbling. Hopefully it will spark more bands to do the same.

How much did the writing styles of your other bands work their way into the direction of these songs?

It definitely helped. We tried not to sound like our other bands, but ultimately the roots are there. The experience of writing is what really helped mold the songs together as far as structuring and melodies go. We all come from Melodic Hardcore bands so it was a bit easier for us to hone in on that particular sound. Rob tends to write more complex/technical songs, where me and Jim tend to write simpler songs. So the album will have a good mixture of both. We really focus on finding the right melodies for each song. We want every song to stand out on their own. We want them to be organic and not forced. So that was part of the reason why the writing took a while.

I really like the album cover of From Chaos to Order. Tell me a little about why you chose that for the cover. Also, does it hint at any sort of theme for the lyrics on the album?

We chose that cover mainly due to its representation of what we are about. Not all of us are politically active, but some of us are, and the cover fits the theme of the band and the times that we live in. It fits that whole conspiracy theory theme. We actually had a majority of our songs written before we came up with the band name. So majority of the songs aren’t in sync with the theme. The last songs that were written for the album are actually politically charged and theme based. We like political songs, but we want a well-rounded album that everyone can relate to.

What was it about the label Cyber Tracks that made you guys want to choose them to release From Chaos to Order?

They’re great! There are not many labels out there that will take care of their bands like Cyber Tracks does. They treat their bands like family and not like disposable products. It’s often debatable whether record labels are relevant these days or not, but we felt that if were to sign with a label, they would have to have the bands best interest at heart and be willing to take care of us. That’s what Cyber Tracks brings to the table. Plus, they are good friends of ours. Any band that gets the opportunity to work with them will luck out.

Usually, when a band features members from other popular bands, they get labeled as a “supergroup.” What are your thoughts on this classification and whether it should be applied to describe Implants?

Frankly, we’re only here to write songs and perform them at our best. We have fun doing what we do and anyone can label us as they choose. We’ve heard that label used frequently and we tend to ignore it. That label tends to put bands on a pedestal and that’s not us at all. We’re just a group of punkers who just want to have fun and perform.

As far as the future goes, is Implants a band that you feel will be able to continue to release albums and tour in the future despite your other projects you’re involved with?

Definitely. We are all excited to be in this band and genuinely appreciate it. We want to take this band as far as we can and have as much fun as possible. We already have songs lined up for another album and have touring scheduled. Even though we are all in other bands, we will always make time to keep IMPLANTS around for album releases and touring. If you ask any of us, we’ll tell you that we’re just getting warmed up. There’s going to be a whole lot more IMPLANTS in the future.

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Implants - 2013

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