Fest 15 Announces First Round of Bands

Fest 15 have announced the first round of bands playing this year’s festival – Fest 15 (October 28-30) in Gainesville, FL & Pre-Fest 4 (October 26-27) in Little Ybor.

On May 13th at 9pm EST, Fest 15 will announce another large batch of confirmed bands. Tickets/hotels/PCFE bus seats/merch go on sale May 20th at 4:20pm EST. Stay tuned!

First round of bands announced:

Propagandhi, Less Than Jake, Strike Anywhere, Off With Their Heads, Latterman (reunion), A Wilhelm Scream, Knapsack, Samiam, The Flatliners, Braid, Tim Barry, Dead to Me, The Menzingers, AJJ, Shellshag, Small Brown Bike, Pears, toyGuitar, Golden Pelicans, Captain We’re Sinking, Red City Radio, War on Women, Prawn, After the Fall, Annabel, Big Eyes, Audacity, Toys that Kill, Mustard Plug, Underground Railroad to Candyland, United Nations, Rozwell Kid, Iron Reagan, Night Birds, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Jeff Rosenstock, You Blew It, East Cameron Folkcore, Dikembe, Arliss Nancy, Chris Farren, The Unloveables, We Are The Union, Arms Aloft, Oso Oso, Drug Church, Coaster, Max Levine Ensemble, Coke Bust, Worship This, Tiltwheel, Runaway Brother, Northbound, the Brokedowns, Regents, Choke Up, Wonk Unit (UK), Caffiends, Raging Nathans, No Fun, Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Kamakaze Girls (UK), Western Settings, Tender Defender, Ducking Punches (UK), DFMK (MEX), Empty Lungs (UK), Worthwhile Way (JPN), No Weather Talks (DE), Make War, Slow Death, Too Many Daves, Fucking Invincible, Dead Bars, Gouge Away, Ordinary Lives, Pity Party, Ghostlimb, Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band, Jake and the Jellyfish (UK) , Dead Broke, Spill, Matt Woods, Jason Guy Smiley, The Caulfield Cult (JPN), The Pauses, Just Friends, All Eyes West, Sinai Vessel, Old Flings, Henrietta, The Girls, Options, Caskitt, Binary Heart, Typesetter, Birthday Suits, Jabber, Sea of Storms, Sister Kisser, Ghouls (UK), Bong Mountain, Meatwound, KIDS, Adult Magic, Andrew Cream (Full Band), All People, Holy Pinto (UK), Young Ladies, The Fake Boys, Up For Nothing, Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers, Shawn James and the Shapeshifters.

Fest 15 - First Round bands 2016


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