Words & Photos by Timothy Farmer

This past Sunday thousands of tattoo fanatics, car enthusiasts, and music extremists alike ascended on the Orange County Fairgrounds for one last day/night, one last prick of the tattoo needle, once last opportunity to experience Musink 2015.

Unlike the previous days/nights, Sunday’s Musink crowd was packed to the brim or in other words completely sold out. People of all ages, shapes, and colors meandered along the tattoo booths, concession stands, and the massive concert hall that would soon host a plethora of mega music talent.

First on stage was Rafael Reyes alongside his accomplice Dave Parley. Together they make up the southern California electronic duo Prayers. Growing up, Rafael Reyes had a less than mediocre life. In and out of jail, Reyes never was able to find his footing in society. Coincidently, if it weren’t for jail songs such as “Ready to Bleed” and “From Dog to God” would never have been devised. All in all, Prayers put on a sleek show for the patrons of Musink yet the crowd really wasn’t all too responsive. Let’s face the music; the crowd was made up of 99% Blink 182 fans.

Even though most attendees of Musink swiped left on Prayers, once Michael Wayne Atha aka Yelawolf came on stage people decide to go ahead with the swipe right. Hailing from Gadsden, Alabama, Yelawolf has been on the music scene since 2005 making enormous strides. Co-signed by both super labels Shady Records and Interscope Records, respectfully, Yelawolf and his team of misfits has been making tracks that have been staying stuck in the Billboard Top 200 list. As the southern rapper walked across the stage at Musink, millions of fans rejoiced as the fresh beer in his hand was quickly flung into the crowd. Simultaneously, Travis Barker started on a drum-bashing rampage that would tastefully give fans a jolt of what was to come up next. At one point during the set Yelawolf ended up doing a spread eagle on his back next to Travis Barker’s kit. Was it the passion? Could have it been the alcohol? Let’s just say it was undoubtedly a combination of the two. Needless to say, the set was fantastic and I’d be obliged to see the nut job again.


We all know that bands come and go. You’re hot one minute and then you’re not. For a select number of musical acts having the longevity and endurance to withstand the test of time is all part of the game plan. Blink 182 has been one of the premiere pop-punk acts, if not bands of all time. From millions of albums sold to selling out stadiums around the world, these guys have it dialed in. Yeah, maybe there was a bit of turbulence in the recent weeks but from what I witness Sunday night all will be just fine. Musink was the third time Blink played in the past week with newcomer Matt Skiba. Skiba is known for the formation of the Chicago born punk rock band Alkaline Trio. Skiba is additionally known for being a bad ass on the guitar and Sunday night was just another verification of such. Granted, he did pop a string during one of the songs Sunday and ended up playing the remainder of the track down an asset. At any rate, Blink 182 put on a performance for the ages. I still can’t keep a watchful eye on Travis Barker’s drumsticks without getting whiplash. Keeping talk of Tom DeLonge to a zero amount, Mark pleasured the crowd in between songs with potty humor, talks about his humongous house in Beverley Hills, and how he’s the best bassist known to man. Let’s face it; we didn’t need Skiba to be vocally on par with what Tom created. We just needed him to rip the guitar and we’d provide the rest. So, that happened. From what I could see from the photo pit, fans took a liking to the new guy on the block and will continue to see their favorite pop punk band for years to come. Do I smell a new album?

Setlist from Blink 182:
Feeling This
What’s My Age Again?
The Rock Show
Up All Night
Going Away to College
I Miss You
Happy Holidays, You Bastard
Wendy Clear
Don’t Leave Me
Easy Target
First Date
Dysentery Gary
All The Small Things
Man Overboard
Reckless Abandon

Family Reunion

Blink 182


  1. Nice review !! I stumbled into a Yelawolf show back in 2011 and it pretty much changed my Musical Life .. I will go see Yela perform anywhere any chance I get .. It’s some straight CLASSIC Hip Hop performances that will go down in History

  2. I spy my friend Frances and I right next to the guy with the “I stalk Mark Hoppus” sign. looks like we were in pain haha great show! Definitely one of the best nights I’ve ever had.

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