Words & Photos by Timmy Farmer

St. Patrick’s Day (and night) is synonymous with the word abundance – an abundance of alcohol, green clothing plus accessories, and fouled-mouth maniacs looking to be the next incarnation of John Belushi. If all the above sounds like your cup of Jameson there was no location better to accommodate your desires than Musink 2017 in Costa Mesa, CA.

Musink is known for its combination of one-half tattoo convention and the other half music festival, with a small yet gorgeous car show to boast. In the past Musink has hosted some of the greatest talents in tattoo design and music performance including London Reese, Luke Wessman, Circa Survive and Blink 182. This year is no different with yesterday kicking off what is sure to be a star-studded weekend in the OC.

Kicking off the musical festivities for the evening was A Wilhelm Scream, a band based in Massachusetts known for the melodic hardcore presence. The band performed songs such as “Boat Builders” and “The Last Laugh.” Taking the stage next was the familiar California punk rock band Lagwagon. With their roots dating back to 1990, it came as no surprise that a flood of people of all ages and backgrounds piled into the audience to witness the band’s set. The band performed familiar tracks such as “Reigh” and “Violins” along with “May 16.”

Right around 7:45 PM the punk rock heroes from Huntington Beach, CA, otherwise known as The Vandals, ran onto the stage. Known for their witty and downright silly stage performance, guitarist Warren Fitzgerald welcomed the crowd to the festival, thanking the fans for their dedication to their whacky music. Lead singer Dave Quackenbush mentioned that they needed to get the set going quickly due to drummer John Freese being up past his bedtime. The Vandals ended up having an incredible set, with songs such as “My Girlfriend’s Dead” and “Anarchy Burger (Hold The Government)” gracing the fans.

As if the prior punk rock performance weren’t enough, the legendary superstars in NOFX had to come one-up everyone. With rootings dating all the way back to 1983, the Los Angeles icons helmed by Fat Mike took the stage accompanied by the crowd’s thunderous applause. After a few technical difficulties involving guitarist El Hefe’s in-ear monitors, the band began their set. After the first song came to a close frontman Fat Mike took a moment to thank the crowd for coming. Additionally, he also introduced their new guitarist for the evening, Roger Lima from the band Less Than Jake. He was filling Eric Melvin’s spot, who happily was having twins last night. NOFX had a no less than perfect set featuring songs such as “Stickin In My Eye,” “Don’t Call Me White,” and “Linoleum.”

Day/night two of Musink happens tonight featuring acts such as Story Of The Year, Glassjaw, Goldfinger, and headliner The Used.

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