Do you crave good old-fashioned punk rock bonding, but are not so keen on some of the more pop punk and emo oriented festival tours? How about a working class, diverse weekend with over 30 bands playing at a remote Upstate New York resort? Upstart Antisocial Campout is your cure for the flippy bangs and sixth wave mall metalcore blues.

Catch Sheer Terror, SVETLANAS, Mephiskapheles, After The Fall, New Red Scare, Fantastic Plastics, OC45, Kyle Trocolla, The Jukebox Romantics, Walking Bombs, Big D And The Kids Table, Two Fisted Law, Cheetah Chrome, and many more on Sept. 9 and 10 at the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham, N.Y.

At the mention of Fantastic Plastics’ brilliance, fest organizer—and Altercation Records co-owner—Travis Myers smiles. “They call themselves ‘retrofuturism,’” he explains. “It’s a real thing. I looked it up on Wikipedia. It’s very retro with a late ‘80s John Hughes film kind of sound, but lyrics about saving the planet, a dishonest government, and a sort of B52s/DEVO edge.” He continues, “I’m [also] very excited to have Mephiskapheles here. I haven’t seen them in probably 15 years and am a big fan. Same with Cheetah Chrome. Having one of the Dead Boys come and do all his songs, I am honored to have him on the event with us.”

Chrome—who is both the former guitarist for Dead Boys and Rocket From The Tomb—says that he is “looking forward to playing this one. We plan to tear it up like we do in Austin!”

We’d be remiss to not also mention the comedy brunch—featuring JT Habersaat, Jay Chanoine, Jake Flores, Mack Lindsay, and Rob Pierce – the vendors, the flyer art show, the haunted house, and many other attractions! Discounted presale tickets are going for just 20 dollars for the whole weekend, and rooms can be booked by calling (518) 634-2541.

Myers is thrilled this event has gotten off the ground. “It started because, here in the Northeast, we don’t have a lot of punk festivals like California or Vegas [do],” Myers says. “We wanted to do something big. We do Upstart Fest, which is nine cities, but those are small clubs, so we are limited in what we can do. We’d worked with the Blackthorne Resort before [while] doing a rockabilly show, which turned out to be a great thing. We asked if they would do a punk show, and they were all about it.”

Durham is a sleepy town mostly known for loudly waking up with very enthusiastic Irish pride a few times a year. It’s a beautiful area that is deep in the Catskills and a killer location for a camping party. “This was a resort where city people would go back in the day,” Myers says. “The area is a little more depressed now, but Blackthorne keeps it alive by doing a lot of music. We will be their premiere punk show. If it works for them, it works for us.”

Bands currently touring hard like SVETLANAS, New Red Scare, and American Pinup will join many long-established and legendary bands for an unforgettable time. “People who put on shows know it takes a lot of time to get the word out. We like to do diverse shows,” Myers says. “We don’t want to do an all hardcore, all street punk, all punk show. Although I love all the genres, we want to put them together. We don’t like to put punk rock in a box. I like seeing ska and street punk and, hopefully, kids from different tribes come together.”

The family friendly event is all ages and affordable, with rooms are going for about 100 bucks a night. “For the headliners, you’d pay over 20 dollars just to see one of them, but that is our cost of entry for the whole weekend,” Myers says. “Camping costs are additional to stay, but that is also inexpensive.”

For more info, check out the Upstart Antisocial Campout event trailer below, or visit You can RSVP to the festival on Facebook here.


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