I’m ambivalent writing this review. It. They. Black Sabbath. Are done. Over. Kaput. Sab has been around forever, in countless incarnations, always finding its way back to the core lineup, somehow, some way. And now it’s a thing of the past. We forget that as we grow older so do our idols, so it’s definitely strange writing this review, in the past tense.

On the plus side, though, the mighty Sabbath has decided to release a DVD of their final performance on this now legendary tour. And its must see. In a nutshell, this is how I want to remember the band, firing on all cylinders, and rocking out as hard and heavy as the gravitational pull of the Earth will allow them. Thank god the band or band management had the foresight to document this because this is what we need future metal generations to watch and learn from. And just from a greedy fan perspective, it’s something we can watch over and over to remember just how great this band and tour was.

In terms of the performance itself, this is the final one, the final stop on “The End” tour. I watched the performance intently, trying to see if any members really understood that this was it. The impression we get from the beginning of the show is that it’s just that – another show. But as the gig moves on, you can begin to see cracks in the armor. You can see it in Ozzy’s face and expressions. And then it’s the end of the end. And that’s where it gets emotional. Now it’s real. This performance was much more touching and easily connected to than say, Motley Crue’s final show where you knew the guys weren’t getting along and needed that split from each other. Ozzy, Geezer, and Tony, have all remained tight knit friends and that’s reflected throughout their entire performance.

That what makes this show really special. They cared. They cared for each other and they cared about the fans. Not that the Crue didn’t, but I don’t think they had the same level of love for each other that Sabbath had. You see and feel their brotherhood with every song they do. And I should probably mention that every song – heavy beyond heavy. They never let up, no resting on laurels; just crushing skulls, start to finish.

The show, in and of itself, is amazing from a technical perspective. The camera angles are right on, the sound is mixed perfectly, and we see the band as we should see them – camera time is equal for everyone. Without getting too maudlin, and writing their epitaph, I like to think of the DVD itself as the perfect way to remember and celebrate this band and their musical legacy.

Included with this package is the “Angelic Sessions” CD including the songs: “The Wizard,’ “Wicked World,” Sweet Leaf,” “Tomorrow’s Dream,” and “Changes.”

I can only hope that more material, both on CD and DVD, gets released in the future. “The End” is a great end and could be the perfect beginning of something bigger to come, but we’ll have to wait and see if and when that happens. All in all, this is more than a collector’s item, it’s a must have. This is required viewing and Sabbath, as always, is required listening.

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