Between The Buried and Me
Coma Ecliptic Live
(Metal Blade Records)

Between The Buried and Me is a special band—a collective vast with skill and density. Even more special, is the group’s multifarious live performance: an act of utter brilliance. Coma Ecliptic Live sees the band performing their new album in its entirety on October 4, 2016 at the Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA. It’s a dazzlingly slick and artful production, awash in tone, technicality and ascension.

I sometimes forget about BTBAM’s totality when listening to their records. They are a band that sees as much as they hear. A few years ago when Future Sequence: Live at the Fidelitorium came out, it was like a revelation. Watching the humanness and sheer dexterity of the band makes the music that much stronger and real. Coma Ecliptic Live is even better than the former, presenting a darker and more connected journey.

The colors are stark and mature throughout the video, symbolizing the band’s growth and mastery of form. There are visual elements of Echoes-era Pink Floyd and Foxtrot-era Genesis, and an overall minimalistic approach that is appropriate and smooth. The shadows and hues juxtapose wisely with the camera angles to create a sense of intimacy and connection.

BTBAM are dense as hell, and seeing them live in two, three (or four) dimensions, gives their sound an even more exacting and appropriate depth. Singer Tommy Giles Rodger Jr.’s varying voices and phrasings are completely realized in a live setting, and watching the band in its quadratic pocket, is like watching magic happen. BTBAM is very much theatrically brilliant. And the progressive moniker they shoulder is never the more appropriate than in a setting such as this.

Typically, watching a music video of any band for an hour plus is a task I wish on no one—except in this case. BTBAM is a band that’s concerned with art, and that makes all the difference. The wideness that bands like Genesis, Floyd and Yes exhibited, lives on in mighty abundance with BTBAM. Coma Ecliptic Live is an experience worth your time. Turn the lights off, crank a brew, sit back and be lifted towards the nexus. This video is pure art and utter determination.

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