Death Angel
A Thrashumentary
(Nuclear Blast Records)

A Thrashumentary is a well-told account of Death Angel, from their emergence into the Bay Area thrash metal scene up to the present day. The film tells a comprehensive story of the San Francisco thrash movement spearheaded by Exodus and Metallica, during a time when fanzines and underground tape trading were the main means of promoting bands of DA’s ilk. Singer Mark Osegueda’s retrospective commentary paints a peerless picture of the band’s early days, what happened, and what it’s like for the band today. Years before DA hit a major label, they had gained respect from the heavyweights in the Bay Area—a tight-knit community.

Featuring spoken bits from such notables as Chuck Billy (Testament), Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), and Scott Ian (Anthrax), A Thrashumentary is a must see for Death Angel fans and any metal aficionado. Producer Jason Suecof’s out-of-his-tree wackiness is reason enough to check the DVD out, as is Liquid Metal host Jose Mangin’s killer a cappella version of “Seemingly Endless Time”. The close-ups of Rob Cavestany making his guitar scream and growl are extraordinary. The running time of A Thrashumentary is about two and a half hours, which may seem excessive for a documentary, even to a Death Angel fan. But shun not. The brilliance of the band is displayed well, with live footage of several of the band’s best songs shot from various periods and locations around the world. (Charlie Steffens)

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