I Am Thor
(Dark Sky Films)

It is very unlikely that you have ever heard of the genre Bodybuilder Metal (unless you count Manowar) and even more unlikely that you’ve ever heard of Jon Mikl Thor (probably not his real name…), but that by no means makes this documentary of the legend in his own mind any less entertaining.

The film I Am Thor follows the life of the Canadian bodybuilder as he take his muscles and titles (he was not only Mr. Canada, but Mr. USA as well) from pinup pages to club stages where he sings pop metal for the band Thor, taking the occasional break to bend a steel bar during a guitar solo. After playing bad metal the move to acting in B-Grade horror flicks was natural step (Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare, Zombie Nightmare, etc.). After that, what little presence he had in the celebrity world disappeared.

I Am Thor is light on big name cameos, but features plenty of commentary from his fans – all in their 40s and 50s now and catches up with Thor as he mounts a comeback as a musician. The crowds are tiny, but still enthusiastic and seeing the aging singer deal with real life problems – like the airline losing his suitcase full of costumes – you can’t help but root for him. Much like that other documentary about aging Canadian metalheads (the brilliant Anvil! The Story of Anvil), I Am Thor is an entertaining, sometimes sad, look at musicians just trying to make their dreams come true, no matter how unattainable that dream actually is. (John B. Moore)



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