The Brotherhood of the Blade
(Metal Blade Records)

Normally, I’m not too big on death metal (or in this case, “deathcore”), but I figured I’d finally give these guys a shot. Brotherhood is basically divided into two sections; the first half a documentary of the band, the second consisting of live footage. As with most cases, I can usually watch a documentary on just about any band and get hooked (being the huge music nerd that I am); sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. The doc portion is shot with impressive detail, giving insight on a band I otherwise would not have put much thought into.

However, the second half is just your run-of-the-mill concert vid; nothing wrong with it per se, just not too overly appealing unless you’re a definite gung-ho fan. Though the live footage might grow a bit tiresome at times, hearing their individual stories in the doc segment made for an interesting enough ride, making it worth investing at least some time into it. (Jesse Striewski)

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