First Look: Ad Infinitum – ‘Chapter II—Legacy’

Ad Infinitum
Hometown: Montreux, Switzerland
Album: Chapter II Legacy, out now via Napalm Records 

Symphonic metal with teeth? Ad Infinitum show off their fangs on this stellar sophomore release. There’s something equally timeless and modern about Chapter IILegacy, which might be necessary when a band two albums indirectly invokes that dreaded “l” word. While gothic, power, and prog have all had recent moments under the sun, Ad Infinitum are here to remind listeners of the power of immaculacy crafted symphonic metal. It’s fitting that the record centers around a dark historical figure— Vlad Dracul, aka the inspiration for Dracula—as the record isn’t afraid to spread its wings with some technical riffs, startling heavy sections, and—of course—the soaring, powerful vocals of Melissa Bonny. Once you invite the band into your ear canals, prepare to be enchanted and fall heels-over-bitten-neck for their unique style.

Bonny explains the Dracula-centric focus:

“We wanted to explore all the aspects of the character Vlad Dracul. For some people, he was a national hero; for others who stand, or stood, on the other side of history, he was a horrible tyrant, and for a lot of people, the name Dracula inspires the myth of vampires. That makes him the perfect source of inspiration for a colorful album.” 

Check out the video for “Animal” here:

For more from Ad Infinitum, find them on their official website.

Photo courtesy of Ad Infinitum and Nat Enemede

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