First Look: Camiches – ‘Camiches’ EP

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Album: Self-titled EP, out soon via Wiretap Records
RIYL: Contemplation. New Beginnings. Trees.

Rarely does a band’s self-labeled sound intrigue me quite like Camiches’ “feeling core,” in large part because it perfectly hits the mark. The Mexican act harness the type of emotional post-hardcore that bands like Basement, Citizen, and Balance And Composure have mastered—It expertly balances big, grungy riffs with excellent hooks, and lyrics that dig deep. How do I know about the lyrics, when the band employ their native Spanish tongue? Subtitles in their videos certainly help (as does doing an interview with them…), but it’s really just the expert manner in which Camiches write and perform, where that “feeling” leaps out of the speakers. This is beautiful, heartfelt stuff; yet, it’s unafraid to lean into the “core” portion of their sound—see the exceptional “El Jardin Oculto.

The band share a deeper level about what the EP means to them:

“We wanted to address the feeling of freedom and perspective, and we found it with an action that would perhaps describe the EP: contemplation. Even the image of the EP is an untapped view of the trees, not because we do not know it, but because we are always left with the idea or perspective of a tree. We know what a tree looks like, but how long have you not had the experience of looking at it with your own eyes and not through a photograph or video? We wanted this album to address an insight perspective of who we are as a band. Another curious fact: The EP was recorded in the room where we rehearsed, with the things we rehearsed with and a simple and economical guitar that (Ramses’ and Sinuhe’s) mother gave us almost 20 years ago to start with this punk rock. We restored it, and it made a lot of sense to contemplate its sound, and as we said before ‘give it a new beginning.’” 

Humorously enough, the band are likely most known for a viral video from a band they look up to, as they share: 

“We have many good memories of that time when Basement played in Mexico City and we were part of it, sharing stage. At the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, when England won to achieve the semi-finals, Basement broadcast a video as they watched the match and the celebration. Drummer James Fisher was wearing in front of the camera a Camiches’ tee, causing many people on Twitter and Instagram to look for us and follow us (laughs). 

Watch the video for “El Jardín Oculto” here:

For more from Camiches, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Wiretap Records

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