Cherie Amour
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Album: Internal Discussions EP, out now via Equal Vision Records

Cherie Amour pulls off one of the most interesting musical hybrids in recent memory. Yes, mixing hip hop and rock is not nu. I had whole CD cases full of it back in the day, which was, holy shit, 20 years ago … Regardless, what this Baltimore band do is less rap/metal and more R&B/post-hardcore. Imagine Don Broco and newer Fiddlehead collaborating with Lil Nas X and Vince Staples. It’s like a playlist of the past few years fusing into one artist. If that sounds odd in theory, it’s astounding in practice, and that all comes from a sense of being open, honest, and creative with each other.

Guitarist Casey Reed expands:

“As songwriters, each member of the band has their own unique style of songwriting that certainly reflects their personal influences. Additionally, we tend to experiment with multiple methods of writing to really explore creative songwriting styles. For example, ‘Orlando’ and ‘2NICE2SAY’ both began as acoustic songs that later turned into the songs that you now hear. ‘Imposter’ began as a beat with some melodic components, ‘Burn’ as a riff, and ‘A Beautiful Mess, A Perfect Disaster’ was an in-person, group collaboration. When I wrote ‘Orlando,’ I was in a dark headspace, doubting myself and feeling insufficient as a person, so in order to convey that, I sought to emit my feelings through the chords I wrote.”

Watch the video for “Burn” here:

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Photo courtesy of Cherie Amour and Casey Reid

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