First Look: FIME – ‘Sweeter Memory’

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Album: Sweeter Memory, out now via Forged Artifacts 

FIME is not necessarily a spin-off, but two of their members, Maxine Garcia and Beto Brakmo, were in the backing band for the excellent indie pop artist Jay Som. Twenty-twenty saw the newly formed FIME ready to roll with a new EP and the anticipation of being able to tour and spread their hazy gospel. The state of things (waves hand at everything) had other ideas, but the resulting time away means we have an incredible full-length in the form of Sweeter Memory, which certainly feels like a breakout release for the Bay Area band. Shades of indie rock, dream pop, post-hardcore, emo, and even Queens Of The Stone Age can be unearthed in these wonderful 11 songs. The album’s title comes from the idea that we can’t rely on the hazy truth of our memories, as the memory is often sweeter than the experience. I feel a sense of being haunted and reminiscent, with a dash of hope. What did FIME want to talk about with this record? Garcia answers, concurring with my (wild) guess:

“Yeah, I think you definitely nailed it. Honestly, I tend to romanticize the past a lot, maybe like a lot of artists do. So Sweeter Memory thematically gives you a little ache of nostalgia, but it’s also bittersweet. The current state of indie rock feels like digging through vinyl at a record store, and maybe we couldn’t help but be a part of that. Ultimately this record is our homage to the ephemeral and trying to build a monument to the impermanent. Dreams, loved ones, loss, failure. Looking back, but with more wisdom.”

There’s a focus to these songs that Brakmo acknowledges was the result of their initial EP:

“I think with our last release Sprawl we really tried to make these expansive five minute songs, and while I liked that I definitely knew I wanted to take things in a more concentrated direction for Sweeter Memory. It was our goal to keep songs trim and make sure that things always had a purpose. While touring with Jay Som, I really got a deeper understanding of how she creates her songs, and I definitely wanted to try that for myself.”

Watch the video for “Not For Nothing” here:

For more from FIME, find them on Twitter, Bandcamp, and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Anna Bouchard

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