First Look: Guilty Party – ‘Imposter Syndrome’

Guilty Party
Location: Bay Area, CA
Album: Imposter Syndrome, out September 7th via Paper Street Cuts 
RIYL: Self-doubt. Comradery. Unpredictability.

We all deal with feelings of inadequacy, but I think I speak for every working millennial when I say imposter syndrome is a mother. It’s amazing how we can get in our own way simply by trying to do our best. Interestingly, this whole concept wouldn’t be something I’d pick up from listening to newly-form punk rock group Guilty Party. There’s a comfort in these initial four tracks that speaks to a band who know exactly what they want to do and have no issues putting that concept to record. It helps that Guilty Party have an impressive, Bay Area pedigree, boasting members of toyGuitar, Bracket, and Long Knives, though, again, Imposter Syndrome doesn’t sound how I expected. Sure, the anticipated, excellent, melodic punk is on full display, but it’s the ethereal “Godspeed” that really struck me: a dreamy, beautiful sign of what’s to come, according to vocalist and guitarist Angelo Celli: 

“We really wanted this EP to be the opening statement or whatever from us, which I guess that’s what a debut should be (laughs) but really making sure that this was a representation of what we want to do musically. I’ve always loved catchy, poppy songs that have an element of unpredictability, and I think we’ve achieved that. I also love that we chose to include ‘Godspeed’—it’s a little clue that we want to write some songs that are a little more removed from a punk rock sound, plus (drummer) Rosie (Gonce) made it such a touching and personal song.” 

Speaking to the album’s themes, Gonce states:

“I know that for Angelo and me, our experience as parents is something that we both wrote about. It wasn’t purposely done for the sake of relatability, but we do write honestly, and I think when people are honest about what they go through, people are bound to relate to it. We are also honest about the constant struggle with feeling comfortable in our own skin and being over-thinkers. Hence why we all related to the album artist’s caption for his artwork ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and chose to name the album that. We each doubt ourselves, but when we come together, we get a better sense of belonging. We’re all hardworking people who make music because we love to. We write and play music that makes us happy and if people end up liking it, well, then we’re really happy!” 

Listen to “Baby Bird” here:

For more from Guilty Party, find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Colin Maloney

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