Gully Boys
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Album: Favorite Sun, out September 10 via Get Better Records
RIYL: Intuition. Friends. The ’90s. 

As a ’90s kid, one thing I often find a lot of the more recent grunge revivalists forget is that grunge can have amazing melodies and haunting soundscapes. Few groups capture this as well as new Get Getter signees Gully Boys do. Citing No Doubt and Hole as influences, I hear a good bit of Silverchair and new wave too— but the biggest part of Favorite Sun is just how smoothly and effectively the trio pull everything off. Each of these five songs hit that grunge sweet spot and feel like immediate favorites. There’s an effortlessness to everything that makes me jealous of Gully Boys’ shared talent and ability to work together to create a joyous wall of sound.  

Drummer Nadi McGill shares what they think the band’s secret ingredient is: 

“This is a difficult question to answer just because this act is so intuitive. There’s a lot of just feeling things out in our practice space, and moving forward based on how something makes us feel. We don’t often talk explicitly about what we want to sound like, or what we even do sound like (it makes the genre question very difficult to answer when it comes up). Instead, we build off the parts we’re writing until we create something we all feel good about. We’re almost always on the same page about that—nothing feels better than playing something together for the first time and getting hyped together about how much fun it was.”  

Watch the video for “Russian Doll” here:

For more from Gully Boys, check out their official website.

Photo courtesy of Gully Boys and Juliet Farmer.

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