First Look: Julia Bhatt – ‘it is what it is’

Julia Bhatt
Location: Miami, FL
Album: it is what it is, out now via Self-Release

I’ve just always been around music, so I guess it just became my way of expression. I can associate every part of my life with the music I was listening to at the time. I was lucky to meet the people who made my songs come to life.” In fewer words than I could ever use, Julia Bhatt explains why her music feels so lived in and, well, alive. This is a debut that equally ushers in a new talent while also hinting at even greater potential in the future. To call it is what it is “kitchen sink indie pop” would be a little silly (are the wonderful rhythms a blender or a coffee maker?), but there’s a clear fearlessness that makes for a wonderfully confident yet vulnerable listen. Each song offers a different surprise, resulting in an album that’s a little dreamy, a bit electronic, certainly poppy, but also unabashedly eclectic and unique. Bhatt even acknowledges this in naming the record: 

“I think each song speaks for itself. They each have a message or takeaway. I think the record itself is just an expression of all the shit in my head. I called it it is what it is, and I think that that vague title defines it well. People often ask me what genre or what type of music I make, and I never know what to say. Now, I can say, “I don’t know, it is what it is; listen to my album.”

Listen to “Karma” here:

For more from Julia Bhatt, find her on Facebook, Instagram, and her official website.

Photo courtesy of Shervin Lainez

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