Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
AlbumAround the Sun, out September 17 via Pure Noise Records
RIYL: Creativity. Stealth. Punk.

“To be hidden so as to wait in ambush for someone or something.” While I don’t think LURK are necessarily fans of stealth video games, Around the Sun really snuck up on me. The Chicago band’s sound features a hell of an arsenal with which to overtake the listener. New wave, melodic punk, blues rock, psych rock, and hardcore are the names of various finishing moves they can unleash without a moment’s notice, though like a perfectly-executed combo, picking apart the individual components is not an easy task. Instead, like an expert player, LURK present everything with a fluidity of motion and precision that is staggering and delightful to watch (in this case, hear, but whatever). Vocalist Kevin Kiley was unaware of this video game metaphor but does concur with the multi-faceted notion of the band’s sound: 

“I think with this being our first full-length LP, we just wanted to stretch our sound a bit. With more runtime we were able to incorporate a lot of different moods and vibes. We all have a lot of varying influences, so we had more room to capture those. I feel the album almost has an arch and changes song by song without sounding scattered, which was important to us. There’s a lot of pressure that goes along with a debut LP, but I think this album perfectly captures everything we’re about. Overall, we just try to write good songs, whether it’s a catchier one, a groovy one, or an aggressive one. Whatever it is, we lean into it.”  

Watch the video for “Crack A Smile” here:

For more from Lurk, find them on Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Lurk and Courtney Kiara

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