Prince Of Lilies 
Location: Greece
Album: Vent, out September 24 via Grunge Pop Records
RIYL: Lifelines. Seeds. Amps.

Way too many of us know what it’s like to feel hopeless, which is why having a life raft that is something to look forward to is so important. Whether it’s a personal, creative, or social outlet, any little thing can feel larger than life when we really needed it. For grunge punk group Prince Of Lilies, that lifeline was a call to one of the most notable musical icons in the grunge scene. Thank God the band had the guts and fortitude to even make that call, as the resulting album— Vent— is an incredible collection of grunge punk pop, with a unique vision and viewpoint that helps elevate this record to a potential future classic. With nods to Nirvana, Husker Du, older Kings Of Leon (yes, they were good once upon a time, I stand by this!), and Silverchair, there’s so much to discover here. New label Grunge Pop Records have a winner on their hands already. 

So how did this clear creative wellspring get tapped? Let the band share their story: 

“Anger, frustration, and a feeling of true desperation all played part in creating this band, and, unfortunately, too many drugs. Really depressed and at my last attempt to play loud rock ’n’ roll the way I like it, I called Steve Albini and asked him if we could record some tracks at some point with him at the helm. He said he had a few days open later on, and like that, the energy started to flow creatively. So thrilled to get to record with him, the music just started flowing out at every band rehearsal. He gave us the spark and inspiration to create something out of nothing. That seed of hope he gave us got watered and nourished until we had a garden of 27 songs ready to enter his studio.” 

Watch the video for “The Year I Broke” here:

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Photo courtesy of Prince Of Lilies and Mario Sulka

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