First Look: Semantics – ‘Paint Me Blue’

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Album: Paint Me Blue, out May 20 via SideOneDummy Records

One of the purest joys in our corner of the universe is consuming a full record from front to back the second you get your hands (physically or digitally) on it. The enjoyable confusion when a single doesn’t quite capture the spirit of the full thing, and the ever-present joy in finding a new favorite song that wasn’t a single, something you can say is special only to you. That almost spiritual connection we cultivate with our favorite music was my third or fourth thought while on my 10th straight listen to Paint Me Blue. Aside from an almost primal urge to bob my head and hum along, Semantics’ debut is most striking in how adeptly the band honor the full-length format. None of these 10 songs are alike save for an essential desire to make big, elated, melodic punk jams for your next road trip. Doses of shoegaze, post-punk, melodic hardcore, and even doom pepper the songs, which are always buoyed by vocalist and guitarist Callum Robinsons ace hooks. Robinson notes: 

“The goal of this album was to explore our musical influences thoroughly and cohesively. We had long talks amongst ourselves about what an album means to us, especially as the streaming age becomes more single-focused, but we’re album people, and we want variation, creativity, surprises, and movement between the songs. It’s fun to tap into our shoegaze roots and meet it with some almost doom/drone sounds, only to follow it with upbeat pop-rock. To us, that’s the most enjoyable part of making music.”

Watch the video for “This Love Could Kill You” here:

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Photo courtesy of Harley Jones

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