First Look: Still/Form – ‘From the Rot is a Gift’

Hometown: Portland, OR
Album: From the Rot is a Gift, out August 19th via Hex Records

“I wanted to create something heavier, but not too heavy, where that’s all it was. Blend in some noise, have a few hooks, some spaciness, a little tension as well, as an homage to one of my favorites: the late Mr. Glenn Branca,” says guitarist and vocalist Robert Comitz, reciting the album’s north star. This idea of everything all at once but none of it being too much is accomplished incredibly well by Comitz and company. This is a weird metal/noise rock record that feels both delightfully off-kilter while also being eerily melodic and hypnotic. The fact that it was all done without a single live show under their belt is incredible, as he notes: 

“Back in 2019, all of us just had our previous bands fall apart. For me, it was Marriage + Cancer. For (the others), it was Dark Numbers, Ireshrine, and Lightning Rules. Everything clicked pretty well once we all got in a room together. We were gearing up to play our first show, but then COVID hit, so we went back to the room and polished off these songs for about a year and then recorded it all in my old studio space right before I moved out in June of 2021. It was a weird experience to record a full-length album before playing a single show, that’s for sure! I think that in the beginning, we were all trying to complement each other’s musical stylings, as all of our previous projects were quite different from each other, spending a good amount of effort dialing in our tone along the way.” 

Watch the video for “Gums” here:

For more from Still/Form, find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Canavan

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