First Look: Wine Lips – ‘Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party’

Wine Lips
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Album: Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party, out now  via Stomp Records 

Listening to Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party (frontrunner for title of the year) is a lot like watching those classic Italian psychedelic films by guys like Dario Argento and Mario Bava that were a choreographed, artistic, psychological horror. Even the best of them were gleefully bizarre and bordering on insane (they make for great Spooky Season viewing). Plus, doesnt Wine Lips sound like a 70s Italian nickname? Theres a sensuality and strong sense of controlled chaos that these Canadians bring to life on the record. Pressing play and giving up control during its duration is the best way to experience this post-punk dance party.

While its clear that the turmoil of the past few years weighted heavily on the band, guitarist Cam Hilborn notes that giving everything a frenetic energy was important:

I love songs that make you feel good and make you want to dance or break something! I write a lot of songs in the morning while Im drinking coffee, so Im usually pretty wired while Im writing, and thats probably why so many of our songs are super-fast-paced and energetic [laughs]! A lot of these songs were written during the first lockdown, and it was a weird kind of dark, crazy time with its ups and downs. Im sure a lot of people can relate, but there were times where I felt like I was going crazy being stuck at home for so long. Nobody had to work, so my roommates and I were drinking a lot, and it felt like we were just existing with no real purpose sometimes. That being said, we had a lot of good times, too, and in between all that craziness, I happened to write some songs that reflected what was going on. 

Watch the video for “Eyes” here:

For more from Wine Lips, find them on Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Wine Lips

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