Fixation rushed out of the corral in August 2018 with an eight-track EP that ravaged with a crusty, old-school sound of enraged hardcore. Demolishing audiences live led to releasing another killer 7” on WAR Records a month ago. 

The band is touring again, and posted a brand new video about their upcoming tour. The video, shot by drummer Dan White, compiles various antics and live sets from traversing the country. A total of 30 minutes, the video is an entrance into the mentality and motivation of the band’s work ethic and fun side, and again, destructive live sets.

See the band driving in the van, standing atop mountains, ravaging stages, and getting rad on skateparks. 


7/23 (Philly) Radio Show Museum of Punk
7/24 Boston, MA w Hoods, Rhythm of Fear
7/26-28 This Is Hardcore
8/10 Croydon, PA w Murphy’s law, Underdog
8/16 Vancouver, BC
8/17 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge w Combust, Red Vision, Downfall
8/18 Portland, OR w Combust, Red Vision, Downfall (Brightside Social Club)
8/19 Bay Area, CA w Combust, Red Vision, Downfall
8/20 Fresno, CA w Combust, Red Vision, Downfall
8/21 San Pedro, CA w Combust, Red Vision, Downfall
8/22 San Diego, CA w Vile Reality
8/23 Phoenix, AZ w Vile Reality

Find their music here. 


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