Originating from Austin, TX, the female-fronted power pop/punk outfit Forever Starts Today consisting of Christina Murphy (Lead Vocals), Nathan Dunn (Guitar & Vocals), Troy Hirschhorn (Guitar), Kyle Salaga (Bass), and Nicholas Turner (Drums), sprinkle messages of hope, positivity, and discovery throughout their lyrics. Signed with Third String Records the band is gearing up for their debut release Always Hope due out this Friday, August 25th!The album was produced and recorded by Joseph Milligan at ORB Studios and mixed/masted by Paul Leavitt.

To celebrate, Forever Starts Today unleashed “Last One Standing” and announced the Always Hope tour (dates listed below). As told by lead vocalist, Christina Murphy, “Last One Standing is an anthem for anyone who feels like they’ve been knocked down in life, who just wants to give up, and needs a last minute encouragement to keep going.”

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If you listen to our new record, you will hear that we draw inspiration from everyday life. We tackle a wide range of topics on Always Hope, but it can really be summed up by saying ‘this is what it means to go through life in your 20’s, in today’s world.’ We didn’t shy away from any of the more intense topics either.” The main goal is to connect with people through music, by delivering a sense of hope and positivity by opening up about some tough situations brings a sense of rawness to the lyrics and sound. The band continues, “we hope that in doing so we can help provide some listeners with a sense of sympathy or empathy and the feeling that they aren’t alone in whatever they are experiencing.”


8/25 – San Angelo, TX – The Deadhorse

8/26 – Dallas, TX – The Dirty 30

8/27 – El Paso, TX – TBA

8/28 – Tempe, AZ – Fiftyone West

8/30 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Underground

9/1 – Brighton, CO – The Hangars

9/3 – Austin, TX – Come and Take It Live

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