Former Dance Gavin Dance Singers To Embark On Tour Together

Long time fans of Dance Gavin Dance will know that they have had their fair share of band members over the years. The most notable of which, are Jonny Craig (currently in Slaves), Kurt Travis (formerly A Lot Like Birds) and Tilian (formerly Tides Of Man). The three musicians each have their own personal style, which is reflected in the DGD albums they are a part of. They are all talented musicians, and have each started successful solo careers.

It would seem unlikely that the three men would join one another on a solo tour, but according to recent updates by all three musicians (see Tilian’s below), that is exactly what is going to happen. A few hours ago Tilian revealed a teaser tour flyer indicating that he, Travis and Craig, along with two other groups, will be heading out on tour together this spring. There is no additional information at this time, but he did indicate the tour will be within the US. With this information out there now, it’s only a matter of time before the cities are revealed. Tune in again soon for a new piece covering the details of the upcoming tour.

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    1. I hope they intend on hitting a large swath of the country. I’d love to see them all on tour.

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