Interview with FOSCOR vocalist/bassist Fiar | By Christopher J. Harrington

The clouds are an infinite reach—omnipresent and distinct—in Spanish dark metal wizards FOSCOR’s newest gem, Les Irreals Visions—released June 9 via Season Of Mist. The record is an ethereal dip into a sea of complexity. It has a lusciousness that is both tactile and airy—a dreamer’s quality reverberates with each flexing breath of air. The record exhibits a unique sense of space, something deeper and yet still precisely mapped. It’s conceptual in both spirit and mind.

“There is the idea of using one’s memory as an extension to experience the world we live in,” vocalist and bassist Fiar notes, “and memory’s also the tool to understand this world. From that, a city can work as the stage or space that surrounds us: it’s our daily universe and where we live, and where all is experienced and generated. It’s a sort of soundboard and amplifier of the myth we face daily—which is life.”

If you follow, Fiar is talking about something like a simulacrum and how, perhaps, this grand illusion could light the way back to the core reality that we’ve abandoned. The metaphorical depth is positioned nicely, juxtaposed with FOSCOR’s magical and weathered groove. The band’s music offers the space and humanity to work out this seemingly complex system.

“At a certain point, what could be limited to an urban landscape only serves to set the social level of humans and their different emotions,” Fiar adds. “Once the frame is opened to the whole life challenge, the city would work as a net or labyrinth composed of places, ways, wefts, and edges, and would work as a metaphor of the social behavior on Earth and the emotional dimension of nature.”

If that’s confusing—“Surely, it sounds more coherent in my mind than it would in yours,” Fiar laughs—not to worry. Les Irreals Visions is such a moving musical experience that the words, symbols, philosophy, and extensions it contains all add up to one effective, infinite push—something you can experience on your own. FOSCOR have grown twentyfold since their raw black metal birth in the late ‘90s. They’ve achieved the gift of transference, allowing sacred passage to the other world.

“We’ve finally have found a language we feel is our very own,” Fiar explains. “We’re now able to speak in a magical way to the audience. With the new album, we were trying to synthesize our language, trying to find our philosopher’s stone. I think that drawing a line from our origins to the moment where we were after our previous album—[2014’s] Those Horrors Wither—has been a great success. The new sound is far from the pure black metal aggression we started with, but it’s way more intense than anything in the past.”

Les Irreals Visions is an original dream—all hazy and spiritual, dark and refined. It’s a measure of a band who have broken through the waves, believed in themselves, and followed a true path. “As in all of life’s parcels, I deeply believe everybody must try to find their own way to express the most precious and unique side of themselves,” Fiar waxes, “with no limits and always with honesty.”

Purchase Les Irreals Visions here: Physical | Bandcamp

Photo by Raquel Garcia

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