Frank Weysos Premieres “Cry Baby” & Announces Solo Record

Photo by Andrew Dominguez

Frank Weysos (The Hawks) has announced a solo record. With this news the singer has premiered a music video for the song “Cry Baby.” The tune has a bubbly atmosphere with glittery synthesizers providing a majority of the melodies in the song. Weysos’ voice bounces along to the beat, creating a euphoric and upbeat listen. Teddy Blood will be released via Texas Is Funny Records on November 11th.

The record is what Weysos calls a “satanic pop” album, revolving around the same characters and themes of a Christian pop album (God, The Devil, guilt, pleasure, sex, drugs, etc), but this time around the sex and drugs are winning. It’s an album about doing everything… jumping into the shit and swimming around without caution. Teddy Blood deals with themes of freewill, brought to life in fuzzy pop nuggets that drift between cartoonish folk and distorted punk.

Frank Weysos comments on the song, “I had worked as a janitor at the wax museum many many years ago and had recently taken my girlfriend to show her my old stomping grounds. At some point I realized that the security sensors in each display no longer worked and being a bit tipsy, I decided to start breaking into each set and interacting with all the wax figures. One thing led to the next and before I knew it we were filming a music video. Patrons had a good laugh and I scared the shit out of a few people. I even hid in one of the sets when an employee walked by and went un-noticed. A couple hours later I had a no budget music video that featured me hanging out with Jesus and werewolves… which is very fitting because that’s basically the idea behind the album.”


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