Frank Weysos is streaming the debut full length, Teddy Blood, today. The record will be released on November 11th via Texas Is Funny Records. The album combines a multitude of genres into songs that are meant to be a slight bit more light hearted, but still wrapping around dark themes all the same. The album can be streamed below.

Best known as a member of San Antonio’s The Hawks (Of Holy Rosary), Waysos’ solo album is a change of pace, a quirky set of bedroom pop songs and joyful ruminations on living life to its fullest, warts and all. Teddy Blood is full of life, humor, and knowingly devious behavior. Inspired by the likes of Daniel Johnston, Ween, and Elliott Smith, Weysos’ debut is was recorded in his actual bedroom exclusively in the late night hours, cherishing the honest imperfections and lo-fi comforts of recording just before bed over the span of several years.

As an acclaimed filmmaker, Weysos has directed videos for Dr. Dog, Heartless Bastards, Hacienda, Grace Potter and more, and first single “Cry Baby” captured his sense for a good time as he lets loose in a wax museum.


1. Cry Baby
2. Lookin’ For A House
3. Chris Penn
4. When You Die
5. Something About A Bus
6. Laredo
7. U-Turn
8. Sex
9. Running Up The Stairs
10. Knockout
11. There Are Days
12. Annie Moore
13. It Don’t Hurt
14. She Likes Coke
15. There Are Days Pt. 2

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