We’re kicking off 2016’s Fun In The Sun Friday column with Can You Hear Me?, a non-profit organization that encourages teens to band together and make sure their voice is heard (learn more about them below).

Fun In The Sun Friday is a column that features people involved in music coming forward and sharing their summer playlists. Here’s what Can You Hear Me? co-founder/President Ashley Adler Coro had to say about her favorite summer song:

“Every time my mom and I would go out to California for CYHM? meetings we always drove down our favorite road, Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, and would blast the song “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard. That is definitely my favorite summer song because it reminds me of all the hours we spent dreaming of this organization and creating it and all the good feelings that went along with that. Plus, the song is absolutely amazing!”

Can You Hear Me? (CYHM?) is reaching teens in multiple ways. Typically, getting teens to share with anyone other than another teen can be a difficult task. However, knowing that music has the power to transcend barriers as well as inspire and unite this age group, CYHM? has partnered with multiple bands, musicians, and others in the music industry, to encourage teens and young adults to speak up and be heard. At CYHM.org teens have a safe online platform where they can share their stories without fear, without judgment, anonymously or not, and enter a community where teens support each other, feel heard, and have access to multiple resources. Their issues are varied and include mental health, addiction, bullying, LGBT issues, and many more. Learn more about Can You Hear Me?

Can You Hear Me - Warped Tour 2016

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