We kicked off 2016’s Fun In The Sun Friday column with Can You Hear Me?, followed by Jaeger Wells last week, and continue the series this week with Midnight Mob. Fun In The Sun Friday is a column that features people involved in music coming forward and sharing their summer playlists.

Midnight Mob commented on the songs the picked for their summer playlist:

“There’s really not one song that would be the favorite. All of these songs are memories growing up hanging out with friends during the summer without having to go to school and continuing that vibe on tour in our current years. We’ve been all over the country spending time with each other at venues, trailer park parties, in the van, on the beach, meeting strangers at happy hour on a Wednesday, showering at truck stops. It’s pretty unbelievable how some songs can trigger a memory and a season.”

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“Honest, Brutal, Glorious is a musical collection of our experiences over the last 2.5 years being broken apart and being built back up stronger than ever. We had to ditch every lie and insecurity we felt about ourselves, deal with some harsh reality and dig ourselves out of hell in a new and glorious way. Each song is an essential step we took on this journey into being the people we are today…WARRIORS!”


Midnight Mob band 2016

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