Funk Turry Funk weren’t content to just bring you the rad Stoked for The Fest Vol. 1 Compilation, which saw Fest bands covering other Fest bands. Now, they’ve got Fest bands to chat with Fest bands for a very special interview series that we are super stoked to share with you! 

We’re carrying on the Funk Turry Funk/The Fest Interview Series (read part #1: Typesetter X Andrew Paley here) with Billy Liar and Cory Call of Little Teeth having a nice, thorough chin-wag.

Some edits have been made for clarity.

Cory: So we’ve known each other for a while now, toured together a few times. And have become solid buds through it. I’ve come to know you as one of the hardest working musicians I know by constantly being on the road. We both know how shitty it is with all of the shows being canceled. That being said, what have you been up to? How have you been passing the “spare” time this year without having life revolve around flights, and trains, and load in times?
Billy: It’s definitely been a weird year. As always, my year would have been spent pretty much entirely on the road as you described, and then I watched the whole thing fall apart piece by piece. I’ve been writing another record, reading a lot, watching a lot of films, and now have a dog for the first time in my life. This has massively improved my existence. Dogs for everyone! Highly recommend it. If anyone wants to dog-sit while I’m on tour, hit me up!

Cory: Some Legacy came out in 2019 and has been on heavy rotation for me since. Knowing you do most of your touring as a solo acoustic act, the record is anything but an acoustic act. The full band on the album is amazing. Are you working on anything new? Plans to record or tour full band in 2020?
Billy: Thank you. I wanted to make sure that the songs sound the way that they do in my head, and with this record, I finally feel like I achieved that. My brother and long-time touring partner Joe McMahon (Smoke Or Fire) produced it, and I believe he is one of the best songwriters in the world, so to have him throwing ideas at me in the studio and singing back-ups was such a pleasure. Tim Van Doorn @ Big Dog Recordings in Belgium is incredible – I can’t thank him enough. And my old friend Robin Guy played drums. Me and Robin were smashing our instruments to bits in the takes, and you can hear that if you listen carefully. And he did the whole record in one day, apart from one song, and that’s including two songs that didn’t make the cut. He’s a machine and a dear friend and we all had so much fun in the studio, and you can always tell.

As for a new record, I’ve been writing an absolute ton this year and have pretty much got another record together. But it’s pretty hard to make plans to hit the studio at the minute. When things are a bit clearer, I will definitely do so.

Cory: Over the years we have seen some wild and ever-changing hair colors and styles from you…. any bold new plans for 2020?
Billy: Haha! Yeah it has been a while. Not sure why really. Been thinking about hot pink recently. Maybe I’ll do it. Fuck it. Beer me that hair dye.

Cory: What do you see changing in the music industry after this year? 
Billy: It’s hard to say at the minute. But all I can do is hope for the best. I know there’s gonna be such a good rush when we are able to play shows somehow again. And that’s why I felt strongly about singing your song ‘Sixteen Candles’ on the split. I genuinely believe it sums up what we do in our weird fucked-up touring life better than any other song I’ve ever heard. I just hope we can crowdsurf in some sweaty basement and scream our lungs out in each other’s faces again soon. Music is so important.

Cory: Since we are missing Fest in Florida this year, and this comp for Fest is what brought us together for this, what is your favorite Fest memory?
Billy: Oh god. Fest is incredible. The first time I played there will always be a special one. Thousands of punks everywhere taking over one town, who grew up in love with the same songs, and care so much about it that it hurts. It makes my heart ache. The time that Conor from Empty Lungs and I got in the swimming pool at a pool party at the Paramount with all our clothes on was pretty good. I feel like he lost his passport. But I could be misremembering that. The year I played full band for the first time at Loosey’s was really special but I gotta say last year was my favourite Fest so far as my record came out in the Summer. I was playing High Dive first on Saturday, so I figured, oh well, everyone will be hungover in bed when we play. But when we hit the stage, the place packed out. That was wild. I’ll never forget that show. The atmosphere felt electric that whole day in High Dive.

Cory: Finally, last year we were on tour together and after some beverages, we got on the topic that there are two types of people: those who believe in ghosts and aliens, and those who don’t. You avoided answering then, so, it’s time to answer. Do you, or don’t you, believe?
Billy: I believe in Tom Delonge. Does that count?

Billy: Hey Cory, how are you?
Cory: Hi Billy. All things considered, I guess I’m doing pretty good. Been a nutty year but overall it’s been pretty good to me.

Billy: Little Teeth’s debut album ‘Redefining Home’ was one of my absolute favourite records released last year – how was it received?
Cory: It did alright. Pretty awesome considering the PR company basically forgot to PR. Haha. So it’s been growing almost organically and really starting to open some cool doors. Had a lot of cool opportunities this year that got wiped out with Corona, so it’s kind of hard to judge how it’s been received without being able to go play shows. We were only able to tour it once before all this Covid junk happened.

Billy: What made you choose the song ‘Pills’?
Cory: Ah dude. We toured together twice so far. And that Little Teeth album release tour was such a doozy with van problems. But hearing that song every night was such a highlight. It’s such an awesome earworm. I kept finding myself accidentally stealing it from you when I’d write songs. So when we got asked to be part of this comp it only made sense to cover it.

Billy: Obviously we cannot be out on the road right now but we would all love to be – any fun tour stories from last year?
Cory: Last year was pretty mellow for us. We spent a lot of time preparing to release Redefining Home. Played a bunch of rad one offs. The most excitement was when we were touring together and lost an entire wheel off the van on the highway into Berlin. It was slightly terrifying in hindsight. But as much as that sucked, it’s still one of my favorite memories because we found that bottle under the seat and got absolutely hammered in a broken down van on the roadside. Ended up being a pretty fun night despite causing thousands in damage.

Billy: During lockdown, how have you stayed sane? Any tips?
Cory: I don’t know if I’ve stayed sane necessarily. Haha. Been trying to stay busy with writing a lot with the band. Got a few songs in the studio right now that I’m really excited about. I keep thinking I can “better” myself in this time, but honestly, I just find myself drinking a lot and watching bullshit tv.

Billy: Apologies if you don’t wanna answer this – but any comment on the situation in American politics right now?
Cory: It’s pretty gnarly there. I get shit sometimes because I live in Germany so some people think I don’t deserve an opinion. Deserved or not, I’m just hoping that that fucking racist Trump gets voted out. That’s a good starting point before I dive too deep into all my “radical” left ideas about healthcare and education. Haha.

Billy: Since relocating to Germany, the punk band you joined with your wife, Kirsty Call, Dollars For Deadbeats have just released a new record – can you tell us a little bit about that band and the new record?
Cory: Yeah dude! I’m really excited about it. It’s called Was It A Good Night? and It’s coming out December 4 on Gunner Records. I did a lot of the recording myself so I’m extra proud of it. But even outside of the recording, we put a lot of work into that album and those songs. Can’t wait for you to hear it. Redefining Home was kind of my story of moving here and crossing the ocean to be with Kirsty. And this record is kind of her side of the same story. When I moved here, before Little Teeth started, I joined as second guitar in the band. It was a little out of my wheelhouse at first, but I love it! Added bonus is getting to travel all over with my wife under the guise of a band. Super stoked for the next release.

You can follow Billy Liar on all the socials via his website here, and Little Teeth on Facebook here. Stay tuned for more Funk Turry Funk/The Fest Interviews!

Images courtesy of Billy Liar, Little Teeth, and Funk Turry Funk


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