Future Twin photo by Ivory Serra

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Future Twin’s new music video for their song “Head Like A Halo” – watch it below on a 360° video supported browser.

The video was filmed inside a living art installation on the night of the presidential election. Some gallery attendees ran out into the streets screaming as the results came in. “The intense energy filled the room and manifested itself into the video,” Jeanie remembers. The video was filmed and edited by Oliver Mellan.

The song “Head Like a Halo” refers to time spent in front of a computer screen in the dark, and a halo of blue light surrounding ones’ head. “It’s about productivity and what that really means. What do we consider progress?” Future Twin asks.

“Head Like a Halo” is a slight nod to NIN comparing institutional thinking to a hole. “The refrain ‘I have to learn,’ references desire for knowledge but it’s my understanding that experiential knowledge goes much farther than simply learned knowledge through a book,” Jeanie says.

About the band:

Hailing from San Francisco, California, Future Twin gets by on “soul gayze” and “avant pop,” feeding sonic ideas to generative musician Jean Jeanie, an activist, social theorist, multi-instrumentalist composer, singer and dancer. Future Twin often performs rogue/solo and other times is joined by dear friend-musicians.

Music for the frontlines, in a time when the word revolution is alternatively mocked, pimped, played-out and ignored, Jean Jeanie makes it like another world is still possible. She evokes just about everything great in the pantheon of rock-and-roll. Patti Smith’s poetics, the art-drenched cool of St. Vincent and X-Ray Specs. The harmonies of the Wilson Sisters. The gospel according to Saints Strummer, Near and Makeba. According to Jeanie, “Giving a shit is the new not giving a shit.”

Listening to Future Twin is stepping into a time machine back to the time when you thought that music could create an insurrection. When love mattered like nothing else. A time when gender didn’t come packaged with pain. A place beyond cynicism where visions of the apocalypse are replaced by the politics of the imagination.

On stage and in the studio, Jean Jeanie often performs rogue/solo, navigating vocals, guitars, projections, samplers, keyboards and bass; other times she activates her cadre of musician collaborators, most recently Ripley Jene Young (Phenomenauts), Miles DeIaco (FASIV) and Kevin Earl Taylor (DRKMTRLS, Death Cheetah). Past collaborators of note include Antonio Roman-Alcalá (Hello Noisy, Sacrilicious) Tyson Vogel (Two Gallants & Devotionals) and Jon Bernson (Exrays).

Future Twin’s most recent EP, Chillaty features the singles “We’re Here” and “Descending,” Jeanie describes the inspiration behind the title. “Our generation is inundated with apocalypse scenarios. We refuse to live in fear, but rather to live with joy. We are cognizant of reality, we are under no illusion, and we can still be relaxed. Another way of saying this? One can be mindful even if your mind is full.”

Upcoming Shows:
October 14 – San Francisco, CA at The Cellar Door Art Space
November 9 – Brooklyn, NY at Union Pool

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