For The Children 2018 at Toxic Toast Theater in Long Beach, CA

Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

For a third year in a row, we got the chance to cover one of California’s best kept secret festivals. Even though the state is known for having Sound and Fury as its top hardcore festival, the folks in Xibalba and SOS Booking have been working tirelessly for many years (even almost as long as S&F) to bring to us one more fest to end the year.

For the Children is a celebration of community and giving back to the children (and families) who cannot experience the same holidays as a lot of us, through one thing: hardcore music.

Through the years FTC has showcased the biggest and brightest that hardcore has to offer from different parts of the world. This year the fest brought us Twitching Tounges, Downpresser, Take Offense, Candy, Dare, RJC, No Right, Easy Money, just to name a few of the heavy hitters of current hardcore. And also showcased Costa Rica’s finest, Billy The Kid and Dumah. This year also premiered two California band’s that will fersure take over your speakers: Section H8 (members of Nomads, Human Garbage, Dead Heat) and Dark Blu (members of Rotting Out, Have Heart). Of course topping off the fest were the hosts Xibalba.

A lot of people may just think of hardcore kids as “a bunch of aggro ass people who listen to yelling music and try to hit each other while listening to even more aggro bands play” but if you just stop and look for a quick sec, there’s definitely more to hardcore than just mic grabs, stage dives, spin kicks, circle pits, two-stepping, crews, pit beefs, Trail of Lies fanny packs, Air Maxes, Champion hoodies and shorts and the B9 boards.

There’s literally an entire community of people who’ve been called freaks, outcasts, weirdos, thugs, just because they’re different, who are willing to give back to the less fortunate through something they’re passionate about. Something they know they can be themselves. Something that makes them feel good, makes them feel real, regardless of sexual orientation or the color of their skin.

So amidst all the stupid shit that happens in the pit, the dumb shit that’s been said in hardcore Twitter, there’s truly something special about being part of the hardcore community.

Anyway, here’s more pictures….

BIG SHOUT OUTS to Nate and everyone in SOS team who put in work to make this thing go down year after year.


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