Festival Review: Four Chord Music Festival 2024 in Washington, PA

Back in August, I took a jaunt down to Pittsburgh for Four Chord Fest, a DIY punk rock and pop punk music festival that was in its ninth year. Happening at Wild Things Park in Washington, PA, about 30 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh, once you stepped inside the park, for those who remember it, very much could’ve brought a tear to your eye with how much the setup resembled a mini Warped tour, including two main (or only in this case) stages, a Velcro schedule, and a small marketplace row of merch, vendors, and festival sponsors.

You even had the Monster tent offering up free Monsters. (It truly was like Warped Tour 2014 for me with how many Monsters I consumed that weekend). The first day started off with bands like Eternal Boy, Patent Pending, and Mest. Finally getting to see Mest live after being a fan since, like, 2004 or 2005 was an absolute bucket list experience. The same goes for Magnolia Park, a band I’d wanted to catch live for ages, ever since their catchy-as-hell songs made their way into my Release Radar playlist on Spotify.

The rest of the afternoon was plagued by on-and-off thunderstorm warnings that resulted in the unfortunate shortening of both Origami Angel and Waterparks’ sets. Shortly after Waterparks’ shortened set concluded, we were told that we were being evacuated from the park due to incoming heavy, torrential rains and thunder/lightning. And when they said torrential rains, that was an understatement as it seemed equivalent to a monsoon dumping down on us for over an hour or two. Taking refuge in a kiosk to the women’s bathroom to finally sprinting to my car to wait out the rest was an adventure, to say the least.

Finally, the weather calmed, and we were told we could return to the festival. Sadly, Andrew McMahon’s set was canceled, however, we were treated to a shorter fully acoustic set from Taking Back Sunday, which was a rare experience. Yellowcard closed out the night playing Ocean Avenue (mostly) in full before we all left to head home or to where we were staying to finish drying out and rest up for the second half on Sunday, the next day.

Sunday, my day started out with seeing Heart Attack Man and also thankfully no potential for a metaphorical heart attack like we had the night before finding out a tornado had touched down only two miles from us. Sadly, there were no sightings of wicked witches, ruby red slippers or little dogs reported.

The back-to-back-to-back lineup of American Football for crying, Face to Face for moshing, and Streetlight Manifesto for singalongs was a punk rock dream. Streetlight’s entire aesthetic and live show was something that just by hearing it made you smile ear to ear. Gaslight Anthem closed out the night with the type of music that makes you want to sip on some whiskey while remembering that one relationship or friend you haven’t talked to in years and miss greatly.

The standout performance for me from night two was hands down The Interrupters. Between the upbeat energy and catchy songs, you couldn’t help but not want to dance and have a good time while watching Aimee dart around the stage. Bassist Justin and Kevin the guitarist also seem to possess bionic knees with how many insanely high jumps they would take off their individual risers.

Day 1

Day 2

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