Show Review: Angel Du$t, Bugg, and Dare at The Lodge Room in Los Angeles

Words and Photos by Josh Vega

Time and time again Angel Du$t have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with and their record release show on March 29, 2019, in Highland Park, CA has further confirmed this. In support of their new album, “Pretty Buff” Angel Du$t played a string of shows with bands Bugg, Skourge, and Result of Choice offering a diverse lineup that anyone that are fans of Angel Du$t could enjoy.

Angel Du$t’s record release at The Lodge Room in Highland Park was no different, the opener was Result of Choice, playing their fast hardcore, getting the crowd hyped up. The bands fun and bouncy guitar parts ignited the room into a mosh and introduced the crowd into what they were getting in to.

Unfortunately, Skourge wasn’t able to make it to the show, but that did not dampen the crowd’s excitement because Dare was set to perform. A straight edge band and local to the Southern California scene, Dare got lots of local love from everyone. As soon as the first chord struck the room broke out into a mosh and hardly stopped in between songs. Dare’s reaction mimicked the crowd as the bassist jumped around any time he could, the guitarist danced and hyped up the crowd, and the singer moshed and handed the mic off to the crowd giving them a chance to sing along and join in.

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Contrasting Dare’s loud and fast hardcore punk was Bugg’s fuzz-filled 90’s inspired alt-rock. Reminiscent of bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth, Bugg’s sound could make a small room sounds like a true concert hall using their various guitar pedals and don’t care attitude. Their sound gave the audience a rest from stage dives and moshing and let everyone sit back and genuinely enjoy some good music. Despite some minor technical difficulties Bugg pulled through and without a doubt won some fans over that night.

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After a small break in between bands giving enough time to set up the stage with props of manakins with dog heads, and making sure everything sounds good headliner, Angel Du$t took the stage. Opening with their song “Headstone,” the crowd erupted into controlled chaos. Playing a mix of old and new songs Angel Du$t’s set was full of nonstop sing-alongs from the crowd, constant stage dives, and wide smiles from every person enjoying in the room including, frontman Justice Tripp who you could tell was genuinely enjoying his time on stage and reaction from the crowd. With all the madness ensuing led to some lighthearted hiccups along the way such as people losing shoes and hats on stage along with Justice’s microphone getting unplugged mid-set which did not stop the song from continuing for the crowd helped the band continue, singing every word until the mic was fixed. Closing the set was one of the bands more popular songs “Set Me Up.” With the crowd hyped even more than before, the stage filled up with people trying to get in on the action and sing along with the band. Embracing the chaos, the band backed up and let the audience have the stage, giving their mics to the concertgoers to allow them to have their fun.

Angel Du$t did not disappoint in the slightest and kept people wanting for more of the band’s positive and fun energy. The show as a whole was a good mix of hardcore and alternative rock letting anyone who attended a new favorite band to take home. Filled with constant stage diving, moshing and not a frown in the room not a single person could have left disappointed and perfectly exemplifies what Angel Du$t is all about.

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