Show Review: 100 gecs and Machine Girl at San Jose Civic in San Jose, CA

April 4, 2023, Fans of the experimental pop duo 100 gecs gathered at the San Jose Civic on a Tuesday night for the kick-off of their 10,000 gecs Tour. The show featured a setlist of 22 songs, including tracks from their latest album 10,000 gecs, as well as some of their most popular hits.

As the full moon rose in the sky, fans of all ages piled into the theater with high levels of excitement. Before the music started, fans eagerly waited to purchase shirts and other merch featuring the band’s signature graphics. Inside the theater, the bars were virtually empty, with most fans either underage or more interested in finding a good place in the theater to watch the show.

When the lights went low, and the silhouette of Dylan could be seen behind the wall of LEDs, the crowd erupted with cheer. After a blast of smoke, the duo finally appeared dressed in wizard robes with stars and musical notes and started their set off with “Dumbest Girl Alive,” the lead track from 10,000 gecs. The theater’s massive subs blasted the heavy bass throughout the theater, and strobes pulsed to the beats while fans dressed in various costumes like French maids and wizards danced around playfully in tune to the glitchy, hyperactive music.

100 gecs played several songs from 10,000 gecs, such as “Hollywood Baby” and “One Million Dollars” and also played a few songs live for the first tim like “Frog on the Floor, and “The Most Wanted Person in The United States.” These songs showcased the band’s signature sound, combining elements of pop, metal, hip-hop, and experimental music in order to create a hyperactive, maximalist sound that is both exhilarating and disorienting.

Throughout the night, 100 gecs utilized cameras attached to their mics, and also cameras pointed at the audience, to project distorted versions of their faces onto the massive LED wall behind them. This visual element added an immersive dimension to the show, making it clear that 100 gecs are not just an electronic band but also a creative force to be reckoned with.

One hiccup, however, came in the form of the computer shutting down midway through their set, causing the music to stop abruptly with Dylan having to do a quick reboot. Laura quickly made light of the situation and asked the audience for their help saying, “Oh no! Our computer crashed. Together with the power of friendship, we can get it to turn on again, and we can finish the song.” The audience cheered in support, and after a brief delay, the music started again, and the duo finished the song to thunderous applause.

In addition to brand new tracks from 10,000 gecs, the setlist also featured some of their most popular hits, such as “money machine” and “800db cloud,” The concert ended with an encore featuring “bloodstains” and “gec 2 Ü.”

Opening the night in support was Machine Girl, who brought their own unique brand of experimental electronic music to the stage. With their pounding drums, glitchy synths, and intense vocals, Matt and Sean delivered a captivating and energetic performance that got the crowd pumped up and ready for 100 gecs.

Although Matt usually ends their sets crowd surfing throughout the audience the large gap between the stage and the crowd seemed to prevent that, but he still got up close and personal with his fans standing on the barricade and singing straight into the faces of those right in front of him. Matt’s use of drum machines, and bass guitar matches perfectly with Sean’s heavy drumming to create a dynamic and immersive listening experience. Overall, Machine Girl’s performance was an impressive showcase of their talent and a fitting introduction to the electrifying energy that 100 gecs would bring to the stage.

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