Show Review: All Out War, Si Dios Quiere, and More at Cobra Lounge in Chicago, IL

Opening up the show were locals Arid, a three-piece crust punk/death metal band consisting of a hard ‘n’ heavy blend of grimy, dirty riffs, gloomy melodies, and some down ‘n’ dirty gnarly gutturals courtesy of the band’s dynamic vocal trio ensuring a sonic assault on listeners. Primal Code followed, starting their set with an intro sample of menacing, intimidating animal sounds and noises followed by an onslaught of brutality and knuckle-dragging grooves.

Si Dios Quiere delivered their take on ’80’s and ’90’s hardcore and thrash crafting a gritty and brutally honest take on the genre that is fueled by their own personal experiences growing up and living in Chicago and the issues facing their own communities but also facing our nation.

While it certainly was a change of pace being at a matinee show where the headliner hit the stage at 3:00 in the afternoon to finish just in time for an early dinner, that didn’t stop the hype the room had to see the legends, All Out War. Combining thrash and hardcore elements, All Out War created a unique and terrifying heavy sound with their 1998 release, For Those Who Were Crucified. Now putting out their eighth record, All Out War still manages to stay true to themselves and their signature sound while incorporating new elements into their music to create a record in Celestial Rot that can give their older material a run for its money.

Celestial Rot packs a punch and doesn’t hold back, featuring powerful riffs, pummeling rhythms, grueling vocals and successfully incorporating elements of black and death/sludge metal. Most important is the natural chemistry within the band that is impossible to replicate. This was put on full display in both Celestial Rot, but also in their live performance.

One of the best shows I’ve ever been to was seeing Iron Maiden because of their natural on-stage charisma and chemistry that sold me. This is where I also personally believe All Out War still shines above the rest even after 30 years as a band. They don’t phone in a show or half-ass anything. They put 100% in every note they play and every show they play. Playing an all-killer, no-filler set with classic hits and new bangers, All Out War reminded us why they are the legends; they are demonstrating how and why they’ve stuck around as long as they have while so many other bands have fallen to the wayside. All Out War are simply a band you must see and experience at least once, especially after releasing one of the better releases of the year in Celestial Rot.

All Out War


Primal Code

Si Dios Quiere

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