Show Review: Bad Luck, Taking Meds, Dollar Signs, Set Free, and 0mph at Henao Center in Orlando, FL

Bad Luck and Dollar Signs brought their co-headlining tour to the eclectic Henao Center in Orlando, Florida, along with Taking Meds and local bands Set Free and 0 Miles Per Hour. This tour has seen some… bad luck – including a van breakdown and positive COVID cases in the touring party. Despite their earlier setbacks, these bands are taking it all in stride, bringing plenty of energy, cathartic tunes and even a little bit of humor to the stage.

Orlando’s own 0 Miles Per Hour kicked off the show to a large crowd of local fans. While they’ve yet to put out a full-length album, they’ve released a steady stream of danceable indie punk singles since 2019 and it’s only a matter of time before they’re gracing more venues outside of the area. 

Ocala, Florida’s Set Free brought a heavier sound. This was their first time in Orlando since returning from an 8 year long hiatus in 2021 and releasing a new EP entitled Think This Through. I will definitely be watching their return to the Central Florida scene with interest. 

The Central Florida appreciation continued with Taking Meds, though they’re from New York. Their record label, Smartpunk Records, is based right here in Orlando. This band boasts a technical, melodic, and very catchy sound that should appeal to a wide variety of punk fans. 

Dollar Signs has the type of music meant to be played while you run around a venue joyously  surrounded by your closest friends. Have you ever wanted to hear a gritty, yet hopeful cover of Phoebe Bridgers’ “Kyoto?” Look no further than a Dollar Signs set! 

The crowd had shown up to dance throughout the night, but Bad Luck brought their excitement to another level. With anthemic bridges blended in with chunky riffs, their sound lends itself to an incredibly energetic performance. If you haven’t heard their latest release, Summer of Pain, it’s the perfect melancholy pop punk album to add to your rotation as the days heat up. 

The current landscape for touring is possibly more difficult to navigate than ever before. Whenever you have the opportunity to check out a stacked lineup that’s been through a lot to get to your city, don’t miss out! And, of course, get there early to support your local bands. 

Bad Luck

Taking Meds

Dollar Signs

Set Free


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