Show Review: Bad Nerves at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA

Just three singles and an upcoming debut album into their career, Bad Nerves have hopped the pond for their first-ever dates in the States. Displaying a penchant for garage rock and punk rock alike, the band fittingly began the U.S. leg of their tour in Detroit in support of Royal Blood. Their virginal visit to the U.S. landed them at the Fillmore in Philadelphia on September 30 ahead of two New York shows in Brooklyn and Manhattan that finished out their U.S. run before returning to Europe for now.

The band have been a club-filler in the U.K. for a while, and by the looks of it, this may have been one of the few times for Americans to catch them as a supporting act, as the buzz of their performances has already begun to grow. The 30-minute set straight from their upcoming album was a non-stop riff-filled introduction to the Philadelphia audience. Hardly a second was spared as they galloped through their upcoming library of fast and catchy songs. Their debut self-titled album is set to be released on November 20.

Chatting with the band after their performance, every member commented on their overwhelming excitement having made it to the States for the first time. Just as excited were the slew of fans taking photos with them and snagging autographs, all while Royal Blood was still performing on stage. Already, the band are enjoying U.S. concertgoers coming out to the show specifically for them.

Bad Nerves

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