Show Review: Cannibal Corpse at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD

On a warm autumn night in the pristine brightly lit downtown arts district of Silver Spring, MD you could smell the fresh air, enjoy the mild breeze, and feel the gentle rumblings of the Corpsegrinder’s vocal emissions. It was Thursday, November 3rd, at The Fillmore Silver Spring and Cannibal Corpse had just kicked off their national tour. A line of eager fans was still wrapped around the block as Black Anvil started the show. They began what was to be the expectedly consistent heavy sounds of death metal that continued throughout the night. Immolation followed with a genuinely upbeat and appreciative attitude feeding off the energy of the increasingly packed crowd in the hall. Rounding out the supporting sets were the black and white-clad faces of Dark Funeral, setting an even heavier tone to prepare the crowd for the always brutal headliner. Cannibal Corpse is not only a consistent act within the death metal scene, they epitomize the genre. Since 1988, they’ve developed and maintained a dedicated following that has served them well throughout the years, releasing what has become their most successful album to date with their most recent offering, Violence Unimagined. They are currently touring with George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher at the helm creating their signature sound since 1995 with the help of the impressive technical prowess and punchy bass tones of co-founding member Alex Webster, making the band’s sound surprisingly approachable. Perhaps this is the secret sauce that has led to their continued and increasing success with little mainstream support or exposure. Catch them in the states through mid-December before they resume their trek in Europe beginning March 2023.

Cannibal Corpse




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