Show Review: Fleet Foxes at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK

Fleet Foxes, with support from Uwade, brought their “Shore Tour” to Tulsa’s historic Cain’s Ballroom for a sold-out evening full of folk-rock. In fact, the 1,800 maximum capacity venue felt more packed than other previously sold-out shows. 

Uwade, a Nigerian-born musician, opened up the concert with her honeyed voice. Familiar to fans of Fleet Foxes, she helps provide vocals on their newest album Shore—of which the tour is in support of. Only twenty-two years old, Uwade has made quite the name for herself in the past three years, earning global critical acclaim. 

She began her set by greeting the audience and asking if anyone else from Nigeria was in the building. When met with perfect silence, she laughed, taking it in her stride. Prefacing her first song, she told everyone a little bit about Nigeria and her late father. She said, “This song is about my father who passed away a couple of years ago. He always called himself ‘the man who sees tomorrow,” modest right?” She laughed, “That’s just who was. So, I wrote this song about him. It’s called ‘The Man Who Sees Tomorrow.’” 

Dripping with emotion, the poignant song was perhaps one of the most transparent and authentic performances I had ever seen. With lyrics like, “If time is all we have, I promise not to waste it. And everything you are, I know I can’t replace. But I’ll see you on the other side,” it’s clear that Uwade looked up to and loved her father very much. A few members of the audience related to the ballad visibly moved to tears. And that was just the first song. 

Later in the set, she brought out a couple of members of Fleet Foxes on stage to provide backup instrumentation to her songs, which until that moment had just been her playing guitar. A highlight of her set saw the trio play “Lost in Translation” together. 

By the end of her set, fans didn’t want Uwade to leave, but they had nothing to fear because she was a staple throughout Fleet Foxes’ lengthy set, collaborating on songs such as “Wading in Waist-high Water,” “For a Week or Two,” and even “Going-to-the-Sun Road.” 

Fleet Foxes took the stage to thunderous screams from the crowd. Once the crowd quieted down, lead singer Robin Pecknold told everyone that “Cain’s Ballroom is one of our favorite venues. We love playing here!” Grabbing a disposable camera, he took a couple of pictures with everyone before the band launched into “Sun Giant.” Pecknold’s distinctive baritone voice filled the venue as fans swayed from left to right in time to the music, dreamy looks in their eyes. Illuminated by backlights, the band’s darkened figures made the performance feel almost whimsical. 

Known for his introspective lyrics, Pecknold had the audience hanging onto every single word he sang, but especially so on “Sunblind.” Smooth and silky, Pecknold sang, “I’ve met the myth hanging over you. I loved you long. You rose to go. Beneath you, songs, perfect angels in the snow.” The audience looked nearly transfixed. 

Fleet Foxes treated fans to other beautiful performances of songs such as “Mykonos,” “Grown Ocean,” “Mearcstapa,” and even “Bedouin Dress.” A stunning moment occurred during the encore in which Pecknold did a solo, acoustic rendition of “Blue Spotted Tail.” 

All-in-all, it was an unforgettable evening and a successful stop for the band’s “Shore Tour.” Fleet Foxes have dates scheduled on this tour until mid-August, so there’s still time to catch them. 

Fleet Foxes

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