Show Review: Gideon in Toledo, OH

Words + Photos By: Sean O’Day

After the release of Gideon’s new album Out Of Control, it was clear that the Alabama-based hardcore band wanted to let their frustrations out on each date of their tour with The Devil Wears Prada.

After minor problems with sound, Gideon finally started their set with a bang. Starting off with “Bite Down,” the fans knew we were seeing the band of new and not the innocent Gideon we saw years ago. These guys are angrier, grittier, and they want to see a mosh pit and see people throw punches in the crowd.

However, the fans didn’t go crazy till they performed “Sleep.” While shooting them, I felt the energy from the stage exude over to the crowd, and it made me want to get into the pit and throw down as well. I’ve seen Gideon play for years, but I can see how much more comfortable they are on stage each time. This performance was no different.

Lead vocalist Daniel McWhorter moved around more times this set than any show I’ve seen Gideon perform in. They got to display a new era of Gideon by mostly performing newer songs including “2 Close” and “Style.” But it wouldn’t be a Gideon show without everyone’s favorite, “Cursed.”

This show had a lot of bands playing before Gideon took the stage, but, once they did, the whole venue came alive. Their songs make people feel an emotion that just makes you want to throw hands at one another. All in all, if you’re planning on seeing them in the pit soon, then get ready to “kiss your ass goodbye.”

Catch them on tour with The Devil Wears Prada and Norma Jean for the remainder of November and with Stray from the Path in the U.K. for the remainder of the year starting December 2.


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