Show Review: Knocked Loose, Gatecreeper, and More at Lodge Room in Los Angeles, CA

Knocked Loose headlined a sold-out show at the Lodge Room on a rainy Monday night in Los Angeles. The current tour features fellow metal and hardcore bands Gatecreeper, Magnitude, and Kharma.

While Knocked Loose haven’t had an album release since 2019, they’ve been teasing something named “I Am With You Now” across their social media platforms, leading fans to prepare for new songs along this tour. They walked out on stage to the Willie Nelson version of “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” and the soft country ballad created a stark contrast against their first song “Light.”

The bands praised the venue for existing with no barriers, allowing the crowd to be right next to the stage. Crowd surfers and jumpers rode throughout each set, filling the Lodge Room with excited fans, ready to be back to normal after many months of pandemic restrictions. The energy from the crowd being so close to the bands amplified after every song. Even if you weren’t a fan of Knocked Loose, you couldn’t stand still watching them as the excitement was so contagious.

Returning to the stage for two final songs, “Guided by the Moon” and “Counting Worms”, Knocked Loose continued to keep their energy on stage and the crowd’s energy high the whole night. This killer lineup of musical acts with Knocked Loose’s stellar performance left all fans wanting more, even after hours of music, singing along, moshing. After this, we’ll be keeping a (hopeful) eye out for another album released in the near future and expecting more sold-out shows from Knocked Loose.

Knocked Loose Setlist:
Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory
Billy No Mates
Denied by Fate
Forget Your Name
…And Still I Wander South
By the Grave
All My Friends
The Gospel
Oblivion’s Peak
In the Walls
A Serpent’s Touch
Mistakes Like Fractures
Guided by the Moon
Counting Worms

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