Show Review: lovelytheband, Colony House, and Little Image at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK

Remember the days when you could get a concert ticket for under $10? Yeah, me neither. Well, Tulsa Oklahoma’s 104.5 The Edge decided to go old school for their 28th Birthday Bash, selling tickets for $10.45. For the event, Tulsa’s only punk and alt rock station decided to enlist the help of Little Image, Colony House, and lovelytheband.

The evening began with a high-energy performance from Dallas-based band Little Image—lovingly nicknamed the “Hulu band.” Funnily enough, an ad for Little Image’s “Out of Mind” music video has swept through a large portion of Tulsa’s Hulu-watching population.

From the moment the trio took the stage, fans knew it would be no ordinary set. Dressed in black homemade suits featuring words written in white, the members certainly knew how to grab the audience’s attention. Within seconds, lead singer Jackson Simmons stood atop drummer Troy Bruner’s kick drum, balancing in the air as he sang to fans. Inspired by Simmons’ passion and drive, fans took cues from him, jumping up and down in time to the music. In fact, the crowd made the old dance floor shake. However, no one gave more than the band’s “Biggest and smallest fan,” a young little girl around the age of six, holding a sign saying that Little Image is one of her favorite bands.

Full of fan favorites like “Out of My Mind” and “Bottles,” Little Image made quite the impact on the audience, and it appeared as if Tulsa also made an impression on the band as two of the members met fans on the barricade after their set. Simmons handed out set lists, drumsticks, and hugs to fans.

Next up, Colony House took the stage but didn’t stay there for long. Within the first three songs, lead singer Caleb Chapman dove off the stage and jumped over the barricade, joining the crowd. Donning a fan’s Fourth of July-themed cowboy hat—which even had flashing lights—he danced around in the pit as the rest of the band kept playing along. Before going back on stage, he said “Hello” to Little Image’s biggest and smallest fans’ family.

Once getting back on stage, Chapman dedicated the next two songs to Little Image, who they toured with earlier in the year. Jokingly, she quipped that Little Image would be taking them on tour next spring.

A highlight of Colony House’s set included a performance of their song “Trying to Survive,” which saw the crowd engage in a poignant singalong as they chanted along to the lyrics, “It ain’t easy making money these days. It ain’t easy keeping friends that stick around.” Chapman led the audience in an extra chorus as he listened to their call and response.

In a change of pace, “Where I’m From” saw a crunchy guitar solo from Scott Mills that ached with a longing for one’s hometown—Franklin, Tennessee for the band. After this, Colony House treated fans to a favorite “You & I” with its beautiful lyrics that beg for love.

In a sweet moment between songs, a fan shouted out a request for a song not on the setlist, which Chapman obliged by performing a solo rendition of it. By the end of their performance, the band made it clear that they packed as much as they possibly could into their massive setlist.

Finally, headliner lovelytheband took over the stage, closing out the Birthday Bash. Hot off their headline tour—just finishing it up the day before actually—the LA-based band played quite a few songs off their new record If We’re Being Honest, which was released back in June.

“Let’s dance a little bit,” said Mitchy Collins as he walked on stage. When performing live, lovelytheband really leans into their pop influences, sounding similar to New Jersey’s Bleachers, the brainchild of Jack Antonoff—who is responsible for producing Taylor Swift’s music. Nonetheless, the crowd loved the eclecticism of the lineup.

A highlight of the set saw the group play “Make Me Wanna Die.” Co-written with Blackbear, the song made a wave with the audience as they sang along to the lyrics. “I wonder what it’s like to fall in love and not fuck it up like every single time.” The single also helped showcase drummer Sam Price’s impressive drum fills.

All in all, the Edge’s Birthday Bash was a smash hit. Here’s to another 28 years on the air!


Colony House

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