Show Review: Motionless in White in Asbury Park

Words + Photos By: Sid Moro

What goes together better than Motionless in White and a Halloween tour? The answer is nothing.

From the very start of the set, it was apparent that fans were ready to celebrate All Hallows Eve with their favorite band. Motionless in White’s set opened up with pumpkins lit up all over the stage and a single lit lantern in the middle as a mic stand. Even though it was not yet Halloween, the entire set made you feel as if you were ready to celebrate. The band encouraged fans to wear costumes, so the atmosphere was set for the night. Vampires, skeletons, and zombies made up the dynamic crowd that was ready to welcome Motionless back to Asbury Park.

Coming on stage, Motionless opened up with “Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Rider,” a song off of their newest album “Disguise” which released in June on Road Runner Records. Choosing to open with this song electrified the crowd who was eager to hear the newer material played live. They followed up with “Reincarnate,” The title track off of their 2014 album. Fans new and old could be seen shouting the lyrics along with the band. Fans screamed along and crowd-surfed towards the stage as the Motionless continued playing their favorites. As a band who has been solidifying their sound for the last couple of years, it is very apparent that the fans have embraced this and shown up in full force as support. They finished the night out with “Eternally Yours,” a fan favorite from their 2017 album “Graveyard Shift.” Fans continued to cheer as the band walked off stage and the pumpkins began to glow again, a perfect set up for the forthcoming holiday.

While Motionless in White has concluded touring North America for the year, they will continue their Halloween takeover of Europe from 11/18-12/14, so be sure to join in on the fall celebration!

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